The 2018 BICF is held at the The Harp in Berlin.

BICF accepts all genres and shows an amazing mix of films, animations, music videos. Come see what makes Berlin International Cinefest unlike any other indie film festival and thank you for your support.

Titles produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles.

More than one entry may be submitted. Each must be submitted with its own entry form and fee.

Entry fee is nonrefundable.

Filmmaker will assume shipping costs to the festival.

We prefer online screeners, digital copies, or a link to an online video (such as YouTube or Vimeo). Please include a valid password if required.

If your film will be selected for screening you must send film in high quality (Full HD, mp4 or mov) with German subtitles.

All materials submitted become the property of the festival and will not be returned.

The selection committees’ and juries’ decisions are final.

Berlin International Cinefest reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or festival scheduling.

Filmmaker agrees that films entered into the festival may be selected for screening at the festival.

Overall Rating
  • David Thorndill

    I had an official screenplay selection, The Rise of the Dolphins, but there was no awards category for screenplays. How come?

    September 2017
  • Toby Wulff

    Happy being a part of the Berlin International Cinefest in 2016 and about winning the award for the Best Commercial with "Hot.Dog.Berlin". Unfortunatelly I couldnt do it to the screening. It seems to be a nice and cosy event. I think it would be good to establish some real awards. (Or (printable) certificates for Official Selections who couldnt join). Easy to make and the filmmakes will love it. Thanks again and good luck! Toby,

    February 2017