The Beneath The Danube River is a live screening event occurring in The Dom nekulture, Belgrade. We are bi-monthly Indie Film Festival based in Serbia with a mission to find young, unrecognized, unexceptional & underdog artists, and enable them show their talent and work to the world.

Ideas, vision & guides of the nonprofit Beneath The Danube River Film Festival are:

- Highlighting the young and artistic heart of Belgrade by making it appealing destination for both emerging and non-affirmed filmmakers by sharing their talent and sensitivity

- Become a haven for cinema lovers by organizing screenings, workshops, competitions and related activities

- Build a connection among many different cultures which can be exprerienced under the wing of independent cinema (thus contributing in raising tolerance and familiarity towards different ways of life, traditions and new points of view)

The Festival will have a Three Categories:
1. Short fiction stories
2. Life is a Sport
3. Malaysia in focus

The official selections which will be screened on October 15 th 2023 in Belgrade, will compete to win the Golden Sterlet, main prize of the festival.

Golden Sterlet - Award for the Best film
The films that are officially selected in all categories will have the opportunity to win the grand prize of the festival, the Golden Sterlet.
Jury: This award is assigned by the jury members and the Board of directors of the festival.

Terms & Conditions
This competition is open to either Serbian and International projects, as long as they comply with Beneath The Danube River’s Terms and Conditions. You can check the following for further information.

In order to be accepted, your submission must fall in one of the following categories:

1) Short fiction stories – Running Time: No more than 10 minutes
2) Life is a Sport – Running Time: No more than 15 minutes
3) Malaysia in focus – Running Time: No more than 15 minutes

Submitting to the wrong category will result in disqualification.
Please take care in choosing the correct category for your entry project.You will not be notified in case of mistake.

In order to be accepted in the Beneath the Danube river, your project had to be completed (premiere) after January 1, 2020.

For your submission to be accepted, your foreign language project must followed by English subtitles. In case subtitles are missing, you will be notified by email and asked to update your work. If your updated submission fails in being provided with mentioned subtitles by final deadline, your work will be disqualified.

By submitting your project at the Beneath The Danube River, the submitter and filmmakers associated with the entry project warrant as followed:
-You authorize your project to be exhibited at the Beneath The Danube River Film Festival;
-You accept to hold full legal responsibility for the intellectual property herein;
-Your project does not infringe any trademark, agreement, copyright, artistic, personal, civil, privacy, moral right of any person, firm, corporation or association;
-In case of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss or damage to the screening videos entered, you accept to indemnify and hold the Beneath the Danube river unharmed from any resulting claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs of the court).

- Any failure to comply with all Beneath the Danube river’s terms and conditions will result in disqualification;
- Submissions: Any film submitted to the wrong category (see Categories), failure to pay entry fees by deadline, doubled submissions (except for updated subtitled versions - see SUBTITLES);
- Release Dates (herein “RELEASE DATES”);
- Subtitles (herein “SUBTITLES”);
- Copyright and Legal Terms (herein “COPYRIGHT & LEGAL TERMS”).