The first Belfast XR Festival takes place on Wednesday 9th November 2022 at The Black Box, dedicated to showcasing the best of local and international immersive technology content.

The Belfast XR Festival is part of the Belfast Film Festival running from 3 to 13 November 2022.

Our ambition is to create an unmissable annual gathering for XR that inspires storytelling. The underlying ethos of Belfast XR is to bring virtual and augmented reality content to new audiences locally.

The festival will be free to attend in order reduce barriers to accessibility.

In year one, we aim to have 8 360 video / virtual reality stories and 2 augmented reality stories. In balancing local and internationally produced content, we are keen to source a third of content from Northern Ireland.

It costs £10.00 to submit your project.
We are happy to provide fee waiver vouchers to people who get in touch requesting one.

As part of the programming on the same day, we are keen to hold one workshop with one of the content creators.

We don't have any awards or prizes this year but we will invite one of the content creators to host a workshop in Belfast at the Black Box on the 9 November. We will cover travel, hotel, subsistence and pay a fee. The audience for the workshop will be industry and students.

1. Belfast XR Festival is curated and all entries will be fully considered by the Programming Team.
2. Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry into the Festival and to use all music, images and content in the entry.

3. Belfast XR Festival accepts 360 video, virtual reality and augmented reality projects of any subject matter, originating from anywhere in the world. We accept any length but we prefer content under 10 minutes.
4. All entries must be in English or contain English subtitles. Please note that the festival may not be able to consider non-English entries submitted without subtitles, or supplementary printed translations.

5. Only completed entries (Entry Form, Preview Screener / link to build, Payment) will be processed and considered for screening.
6. Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate Entry Fee. Entry Fees are not refundable. Projects entered with the incorrect entry fee will not be considered for selection.

7. Waivers (free entry) are granted only to select applicants who have been invited to submit by the Programming Team.

8. If a project is selected for screening, the Festival will contact the entrant by e-mail. All entries will be notified by August 1st 2021 at the latest, barring unforeseen circumstances. If for some reason you haven’t received an email by this date, please check the festival website for programme announcements or contact the Programming Team.
9. Following selection, the Festival will provide all successful entrants with a Screening Agreement and delivery schedule.

10. All entries are viewed and chosen by the Programming Team. Final selections are at the sole discretion of the Festival.
11. All projects selected will be made available for public viewing. All timings, date and venue details will be assigned by the Festival.
12. The Festival reserves the right to place projects into relevant programme strands.
13. If selected, the entrant grants Belfast XR Festival the right to utilise publicity materials related to the production (e.g. press kits, posters, stills, etc.) for promotional purposes and to broadcast or screen clips of a maximum of five minutes.
14. Successful entries may also be used for private press screenings prior to the festival. In this case, the Festival would contact the entrant in advance.