This is a festival celebrating Indie Short Films with a particular emphasis on those made in Beijing, China. It is a bilingual festival supporting both English and Chinese films.

The festival is held biannually in December and June inside of a 500 year old hutong, a traditional style Beijing house. Approximately 20 short films are to be screened at the festival each year. Each year, the goal will be to hold a minimum of one screening and with an aspiration for 2 more. Previous other venues also included a pretentious and beautiful Art Gallery with a very high-end theater and a lively and popular bar in the city center. A screening was also held in Shanghai in collaboration with filmmakers and festival directors there.

Our past three festivals all had sell out crowds. The first had 500 people in a large rooftop venue, the second had 90 in a trendy Beijing hipster neighborhood, and the third had 50 in a cozy independent theater.

Our festival prefers entries with a connection to Beijing as a large percentage of our audience are Beijing based filmmakers.
Preference in the selection goes to indie short films made in Beijing, those with relation to Beijing, then Shanghai, then the rest of Mainland China, then the rest of the world.

If you have trouble reaching us here, then please do contact us via instagram, facebook, or wechat. It is highly recommended that if a film is selected to this festival to have subtitles made, preferably in English and Simplified Chinese out of respect for the audience.

Best Short Film
Best Director
Best Edit
Best Sound
Best Story
Best Art
Best Actor
Best Actress

The Best Short Film prize's submitter will receive a prize from Ftrack.

Must email an HD digital copy of the short film.

Any film that is not in Chinese or English must have english subtitles, and ideally also Chinese subtitles,

Overall Rating
  • Anne Merino

    We have been absolutely thrilled to have "Lantern Light" as one of the selections for this wonderful film festival. Joshua is really remarkable in his communications regarding the festival and very helpful. We are excited about the upcoming screening and are already looking forward to submitting another film to the next Beijing Indie Short Film Festival!

    April 2023
  • boxiong lan

    This is an exciting film festival, and I can't wait to prepare for the next one

    April 2023
  • 书更 石

    This is the best film festival I've been to

    March 2022
  • 运气 好

    It's a great honor for Film Energy to screen my sci-fi thriller "Mosaic". The film festival staff are serious and enthusiastic. "Freedom, equality and high quality" are the atmosphere of this film festival! The works shown live are very cool! I just hope to finish my traditional Chinese medicine film "The Legend of Ginseng" as soon as possible, and come back to this film festival!

    March 2022

    I am honored to show my short film "Circular Ruins" with Beijing Indie short film festival. They are very responsive and helpful. The screening event are thoughtfully organized. I would definitely recommend submitting to this festival.

    March 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you! Your film was so well received by the audiences! Very thought provoking and with great production value! Hope to see more of your work soon!