The Beautiful Country International Micro Film Festival takes 'Beautiful Country' and 'Kindness, Beauty, Goodness, and Authenticity' as the theme. Promoting the beauty of human nature in the beautiful landscapes across the countries around the globe, promotes positivity to life and a glimpse of human culture in this point in time. This festival provides a platform for to showcase and bring economic understanding and cultural exchange across nations with the common theme of beautiful humanity, beautiful countries. This is a yearly event with the final award ceremony held in China as this is founded by China's Agriculture Film and Television Association to encourage filmmakers to tell beautiful stories.

All finalists will receive a digital certificate. Winners will receive a trophy.

Three winners will be chosen from these categories:
Best Short Documentary under 30 mins
Best Short Drama under 30 mins
Best Short Animation under 30 mins

Filmmakers are invited to submit films under 30 minutes. Categories are, best documentary short film, best drama short film, best animation short film. All films needs to have english subtitles and english .srt files submitted.

Content submitted must be suitable for General Audience and Children to watch.