Now in its 2nd year, the Battle of Film Schools is becoming a staple in NYC for local and international film students from around the world. Located right next to the legendary Kaufman studios, every season BFS will screen a wide selection of student works in front of a packed audience of friends, supporters and industry professionals where the winners will be chosen by audience vote and provided with over $2,000 in prizes, industry resources and connections.

Battle of Film Schools will host quarterly live screenings, Q&A's with filmmakers, audience feedback, and networking opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to bring the competitive nature of filmmaking back to the forefront of the industry with a grassroots festival dedicated to student filmmakers. The film industry is competitive. Treating student films like college sports will lead to positive headway in film education and for the discovery of new filmmakers in a unique and innovative way. Film schools have some of the hardest working students out there, so what better way to celebrate these works than with a unique showcase and competition, as well as an opportunity for the winning film schools to claim bragging rights.

We are proud to have the support of one of the Top 100 Film Festivals in the world, Katra Film Series, and one of NYC’s no-holds-barred and revolutionary festivals, the Bowery Film Festival.

Submit today and let the battles begin!

All current and former film students are eligible to apply (all grade levels). Must be able to provide a valid ID or email confirmation from a film school.

Overall Rating
  • What a wonderful event at a wonderful venue. The staff for the festival was tops. I wish I could do it, again.

    March 2019
  • A very neat idea for a festival, and the selection of films were of high caliber. But before submitting, I recommend reaching out to them to see where exactly the screening will be held, because the venue I attended was not at all conducive to a film festival. It was at a restaurant/bar/hookah lounge with very little space, and the first group of films couldn’t even be heard over the loud DJ music. Points go to the festival manager who was running around, trying to get things under control... But films of this quality deserve to be seen (and heard) in a movie theater, not in the back of a bar.

    March 2019