Bass & Belle Wild West Film Fest will highlight the careers of Lawman Bass Reeves and Outlaw Queen Belle Starr while celebrating the rich history of the wild west from the mid 1800s through the early 1900s. Homage films can reflect Bass, Belle or any of the many characters from the wild west. The lesser known the better. Lawbreakers and Peacemakers is the dominate theme. Fact or Fiction.

Awards will consist of custom made trophies and Certificates of Achievement.

Top honors will be for the best Law and order film The Bass Reeves Award and for the best outlaw film-The Belle Starr Award.

Best Short Story/Script will be submitted for a First Look with Bare Bones FilmWorks Production Company

Other awards including Best original song, Best original music and other categories. Judges reserve the right to not award in categories that do not meet minimum criteria.

Submitted work must be the credited work of the submitter as either Writer, Producer or Director or with permission of such.
All copyrights are to be clear with no disputes.
Can be feature length or short.
Based on a true story or fiction.
Can be narrative or documentary or docu-drama.

Overall Rating
  • Alex Verlage

    A wonderful Film Festival with one of the coolest trophies I have received. It was an honor for our film Lone Wolf Hill to have been selected as the Larry Sellers Native Vision Award!

    October 2022
  • I absolutely loved this new festival! This festival is a wonderful place to make contacts and I had a great time meeting writers, actors and producers. At the awards ceremony, I was awarded BEST WESTERN SCREENPLAY for my short western JUDGMENT, O.T. Now, I am very optimistic I can get my screenplay turned into a film!!! Blessings and thanks Bass & Belle!!

    October 2022
  • Amazing. From the crew and cast of Prospectors the Forgiven a heartfelt thank you.

    October 2022
  • Jim Norman

    Gotta love a western-centric festival. I wish I could have attended in person.

    October 2022
  • authentic western festival, you feel well treated and good communication. The only "downside" is not being able to attend in person. Thank you!!

    October 2022