The 2nd edition of the Balkan Nights Film Festival will take place from the 10 - 15 March 2025, at selected venues in the centre of Melbourne, Australia. A pool of haunting, beautiful and uncompromising films and music videos from all Balkan nations as well as films from the international community will screen beneath the summer stars and moons before a large audience of artists, film buffs and inquisitive beings. The first of its kind, Balkan films are rarely given a chance to be seen in a country like Australia. We hope to see you at the festival. Tickets will be made available online and at participating venues in November.

Best Fiction Film Award - $1500
Best Experimental Film Award - $1500
Best Documentary Film Award - $1500
Best Animation Film Award - $1500
Film Audience Award - $1,000
Music Video Audience Award - $500

1. Short films may not be longer than 30 minutes. However, the Balkan Nights Film Festival reserves the right to include short films exceeding 30 minutes in duration. Music videos may be available online and must not be longer than 5 minutes.

2. To be eligible to enter the 2024 Balkan Nights Film Festival, submissions via FilmFreeway must be made by November 30th, 2024. Balkan films must only originate from the following Balkan nations: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. While International films can be from any countries outside the Balkan region

3. Submitted works will be considered for the following festival categories: Short Films and Music Videos.

4. The risks and costs of sending screening copies to the Balkan Nights Film Festival are the responsibility of the sender. Accordingly, film copies sent to the Balkan Nights Film Festival from other festivals are to be coordinated by the sender.

5. The screening formats are DCP and Quicktime 1080p only. If the original version is in a language other than English, the film must be subtitled in English. We also require English subtitles for English language films.

6. Only required in the event of festival acceptance: 2 film stills (JPEG or PNG, min. 300dpi) as well as 1 photo and filmography of the director for publication in festival media (print and online) is mandatory.

7. Film copies are insured for their print value for the duration of the festival. Compensation claims must be made within 10 days after the film has been returned. Court jurisdiction is in Melbourne, Australia.

8. All parcels must be clearly marked with a customs declaration stating the following: “For cultural purposes only. No commercial value”.

9. By submitting a film to the Balkan Nights Film Festival the sender consents to the film being screened at the festival. It is no longer possible to retract the film from festival inclusion once the application form has been sent. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that permission has been obtained from all appropriate parties before submitting a film.

10. The screening copy must arrive no later than 5 days before the festival begins (March 2025).

11. Notice of festival acceptance and rejection will be given in January 2025 via email.

12. An award will be given to the best film in all categories and music video as voted for by the audience. The award shall be announced once the festival concludes.