What is BaNeFF?

Balkan New Film Festival - BaNeFF - presents the latest movies from the Balkans. The public can meet both an exciting mix of newly produced, world premieres, single classics and pure documentary films, interesting guests and a series of panels that discuss trends in film production in the Balkans.

The contests compete in four categories: best movies, best female performance, the audience's prize and the special prize of the festival. This year we continue with the new SNOWE South North West East - SNOWE - Women in Film, Creative Networking concept. (Www.snowe.se)

All feature films are written in English or Swedish. What is now the case for festival visitors is to keep an eye on exciting guests, film offers and events.

Where does the name BaNaFF come from?

BaNeFF is the abbreviation of the Balkan New Film Festival. In the Balkans region, we mean all Balkan countries, but also countries outside the Balkans whose movie stories can relate to the Balkans.

NEW means that we will focus most on the newly produced movies, latest film productions and enrich with old classics and great documentary films.

Who arranges BaNeFF?

BaNeFF is organized by Justin Theater Production, a political and religious independent association and in collaboration with:

- respective embassies from the Balkans and neighboring areas in Sweden,

- Film Centers from the Balkans and Neighborhoods

- SFI - Svenska Filminstitutet

- Other interested actors: Stockholm City, Västerås City, Norrköping City, Malmö City, Si-Svenska Institute, Cinemateket Stockholm, Kinoteka in Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo ... Foreign Ministry for Cultural Exchange, production companies.
BaNeFF policy:

1) that the films are created in the Balkans, tell from the Balkans or relate to the Balkans
2) that they do not have more spread in the Nordic countries
3) Focus on women in the film industry
4) with the cinema at the center - creative force

Why do we arrange BANEFF?
BaNeFF started 2011 as a response to quite a thin selection of films from the Region. Our original idea was to show films that are usually not visible in Sweden and the Nordic region.
Annually in Stockholm in February BaNeFF creates recurring opportunities for Swedish audience to deepen their acquaintance with new interesting films from the Balkans. Then the festival ends on a tour. We press movies film the films with guests to both Swedish audience and industry people, in the best possible way. Our goal is to popularize while opening up new opportunities in the film industry and European film by presenting professional professional filmmakers from the Balkans: directors, scriptwriters, production companies, actors, film lovers to film lovers, as well as professional professional film makers from Sweden.
During the first couple of years we created more cretan parts:
BaNeFF doc.short - The festival with documentary and short films in focus in December,
SNOWE - Women in Film - Creatvie Networking - Project and
Trans Cinema Nation - Countries / People / Movies that are in transit / change. TCN is a section of the BaNeFF main festival.
Come to us with the whole family!
What other arrangements do we perform?
In addition to the main program in Stockholm, the festival visits other cities around Sweden, depending on the opportunities and interests of the organization. BaNeFF 2014 showed all the cinemas in Västerås, Uppsala, Umeå, Norrköping, Växjö, Lund, Östersund and Stockholm, as well as in Norway, Oslo and Bergen. In addition, we have film studio circles, panels, round table and focus group views. This year, BaNeFF will visit Norway, Oslo and Bergen again.