Balkan Can Kino is a space created to showcase new filmmakers and indie filmmaking, hosted at Communitism, an art project aiming to motivate community structures into activating abandoned cultural heritage buildings in Athens.

In a series of screenings and discussions we would like to bring the work of new filmmakers -local and international- to the audience of Athens.

Awards & Prizes

This is a weekly event. We do not offer any awards or prizes.

Rules & Terms

How do we choose films?
Our programme wants to highlight diversity in cinema and showcase films from different communities. We want our films to represent different cultures, to move away from a focus solely on Hollywood or European cinema. We focus on socio political issues but we are open to all genres and we accept submissions all year long. Films that promote racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic behaviour will be rejected without any explanation given.

If your film is chosen.
Connecting filmmakers with the audience and the filmmakers of the local community is really important to us, so we would love to have you in Athens during the screening of your film. Unfortunately we cannot cover any travel or living costs.

How do we work?
Have in mind that this is a self organised project. Any film chosen, will be screened at least one month after selection. We are happy to answer to any question you have via email, which usually takes 2-5 working days. Screenings take place every Friday evening. Also if your film is chosen, it could be screened in one of our events.

What is our aim?
We would like to create a place for filmmakers to co-exist, co-create and share knowledge. Our goal is to screen a feature film or a collection of shorts following a Q&A, every Friday evening at our space and hold workshops, round tables, discussions and video art sessions on weekdays and weekends. In addition, we are in the first stages of creating the first self organised film school in Athens, following Berlin's filmArche.