Soon Finalist announcement 2021..Love for All from Bali.

World Independent Short Film Awards (WISFA) - Baliwood BALI,
and World Best Feature Film Awards (WBF2A) - Baliwood BALI,
Baliwood Intl.Honorable Mention and Special Category,100 World Raising Film Stars Baliwood Awards.

The world's prestigious awards from Bali,... the world community island...and Baliwood global icon.

Your Film will be part of an eternal history of the world island, Bali...And Baliwood Land and the Film Villages Integration.

The World Film Awards of Baliwood Bali ... will be dedicated to the world independent short films for all some level categories :

1) Baliwood Bali - International Screening Selections Program
2) World Trophy for The Best Independent Short Film, Under 20 min (fiction)
3) World Trophy for The Best Independent Short Film, Under 45 min (fiction)
4) World Trophy for The Best Children Produce Short Film (max 15 min) or Production Houses produce Children movie, max 45 min (fiction)
5) World Trophy for The Best High School Students Produce Short Film , max 30 min (fiction/animation/documentary)
6) World Trophy for The Best College Students Produce Short Film , max 30 min (fiction/animation/documentary)
7) Baliwood, World The Best Independent Film Trailer
8) World Trophy for The Best Independent Animation Film, max 15 min
9) World Trophy for The Best Independent Documentary, under 45 min
10) Baliwood, World The Best Independent Movie Clip Video
11) Baliwood Special Film Spirit Award, will select the film story that can encourage people in the world situation now.
12) Baliwood Bali - World Film Favorites Award
14) Baliwood Bali - World Best Indie Film Actress and Actor
15) Baliwood Bali - Casting Video Selected, International Talent (Special category to become our global talent database of Baliwood productions in Bali)
16) Baliwood Bali - World Best Independent Short Film Directors
18) 100 World Raising Stars, Baliwood Awards. As a special category, We will choose 100 World Raising Stars - Baliwood Awards for our special digital magazine.
Send your real film trailer with your acting inside. And email your short biography, pics to, nice pic and unusual pic.Thank you

Especially for 2022 we will provide also some cash prize from main sponsors.

Update participants 2021, Project Titles :
-The Prophetess
-"There is no pandemic clause in the constitution." Majority Minnesota Federal Appeals
Court. Music by Tesseract Dirt Face
-Family Business
-The Chernobyl Saga - Irish Butter Case of India
-Why call me corona? (Anti Racism Rap)
-Let Them Eat Cake (Official Video)
-Passing by Ze Marovas
-Kuno Sings
-The Greatest of Expectations
-Valse Naïve
-Water story
-My dear fresh flesh
-Freudian Slip
-Shade Guzzling
-Pilot Error
-Nuovo Cinema Para-Virus
-Sad, but true
-Why We Are Unhappy in Cities
-Fowl Crossing
-Monkey Enters Lanka
-A Day in the "Favelas"
-I Learned It From You - S1.E1
-Maan Faa Tung
-Treasure in a Bottle
-Andrew’s Parallel Worlds
-Before I Die
-The Last Wolves
-The Fruitful
-Travel Bud
-Vito in The Bottle
-Dead End Drive
-What a Dream It Would Be A Different World
-An Island MD Documentary
-The Iron Lady of Kashmir
-Waiting Room
-Home 23:20
-Dress Code
-Russian Zombie Invasion
-Kaali Maati
-Death in the Time of Quarantine
-Rumblera Raidress
-Magic Bunny
-Mistry Dreams
-The Fast Family at Fuel Fest
-The Creator
-Moment-it (Instant-ci : titre original)
-The Hauntings in Madhya Pradesh.
-The Boy and The Mountain
-The Last Man on Earth
-I'll be with you (con te sarò)
-I bow to thee O Mother
-Wake Up
-MK Doctra
-An Enlightened Man
-An Island MD Documentary
-10 Days of Cinephilia
-Hide Your Love Away
-The Messenger * Hermes Remembers
-Nothing Happened
-Quarantine (I Keep You Company)
-The Big Apple
-The Writer
-The Golden Acorn
-Queen Marlene's Toy Museum and Friends: Traffic Safety Toys
-WHEELMAN: The Untold Stories of Car Culture
-Studies at Huningue / Basel or the tree to sleep
-The Mechanics
-Don Filipo
-The Interrogation
-Trust Frank
-Jazz Town
-The Mission
-Looking for Wong Kar Wai
-George & the Dragon
-Covid Tales: House Party
-Gong Batu
-New To The City
-Symphony of Nature in the Grande Cariçaie
-Adam In Aeternum
-Matatowday (See You Later)
-The Ocean Cleanup System 001/B
-Wild Cherry
-A Pilgrimage Into Tibet
-Darking Way
-Elisa and Middle Earth 2
-Seret Zar
- Capriccio - The False Child
-Year of the Dog
-It Gets In Your Blood
-Four Motherless Children
-Lunch Stories/The Date Stories
-#Meet_The Meet
-The Girl#Number 42
-August 8
-Makes This World Live Young Again
-The Girmit Experience
-The Store Run
-The Road to Eden
-Justice for God
-The Winter Solstice
-Love of Silence
-Time to Eat
-Four Motherless Children
-About Mother
-Sweet and Sour, a story shared by many
-Ik breng de wijnen
-Trouble Sleeping
-The Innocent
-The Bottom Turn
-3 Piece of Life
-Life Ain't Like The Movies

Update participants 2022, Project Titles :
-King of daydreaming
-First Week Out
-Not Alone
-Big Portraits
-Pride Jewel
-Justin and the Werloobee
-Yaadumaagi Ninrai
-Know You Well
-The Fairy Hunter
-Sleepless Nights In Southland
-Wolf in his Belly
-The Bar
-Wld Queendom
-Longneck Sunday
-Cat's Waltz
-My Coffin
-The internship
-Death Doesn't Love You
-In The Shadows
-When Dusk Turns Dark
-Lunarcode: Parasite
-Lunarcode: Cuttin' the Cord
-Along Thorns
-Island Sun
-Lovers Remix
-La Isla Bonita
-Night at the milonga
-Just Like Water
-Pacha's Notebook
-Drop Me A Line
-Everlasting Tape
-Crushed Wings
-Un Chantier d'Amour - A Scaffolding of Love
-A Casual Collision
-Who Killed Jazz
-His Secret
-Team Pierre
-Things Get Rough
-All That You Loved
-Legacy of King Narak
-Hearts Road (short)
-Akwaaba the Awakening
-NANI - Kenangan
-The Cure
-Teachers Lounge
-A Sweet Sound From The Sea
Penitent in Attempt
-There is exactly enough time
-Hovelton - Jeff, The Where Wolf?
-Ancient Lover By Banjii & Mayur
-MAYA the Sacrifice
-Day One

About the Event Creator :

Baliwood Land (Baliwood Integration),


Baliwood Land Development (, and Baliwood Integration ( We develop micro-budget films platform industry areas (Bali Villages integration) in the world digital media era, and to be eco-games adventure (forest) parks by film story-based & camp, besides animation cultural-based camp. And the world village campus by the network zones of the cultural asset on screen studios.

Bali as a cross-cultural region of the world and its local cultural power makes Baliwood Land Development and the Baliwood Integration a new different content industry thematic (micro-budget films area collaboration) and unique film tourism area, not high tech-based, but more based on natural, cultural, and tradition combining the creativity of community empowerment and digital innovation (the games of film adventures).

Some International Film Events in the Village, since 2018... (Baliwood Short Film Awards 2018, ITFF Film Festival Italy-South Korea Sept 2019, and Global Film Meetings Village Hub (Asia, Europe, USA) 2019-20, Baliwood International Webconference of Film Village
​-Sept 2020, 30 countries as participants).
Coming Events: 1. Baliwood Bali - World Independent Short Film Awards 2021
2. Baliwood World Charter Agreements Forum (Virtual), 19 Dec 2020

Soon Finalist announcement 2021..Love for All from Bali.

Special invitation also for some Baliwood World Independent Film Awards participants selected to present film projects in Baliwood World Film Panels,virtual 2021, opening by our Ministers (Creative Industry & Tourism, Chief of Staff President) and Bali Vice Governor, later on, 2022 will continue:

World Independent Short Film Awards (WISFA) - Baliwood BALI,
and World Best Feature Film Awards (WBF2A) - Baliwood BALI,
Baliwood Intl.Honorable Mention and Special Category,100 World Raising Film Stars Baliwood Awards.

- All 15-20 finalists/category will get digital finalist certificates and screening in our Film Village Festival.Especially for 2022 we will provide also some cash prize from main sponsors.
- Digital Winner Certificates, Baliwood Ethnic World Trophies, Baliwood Film Packages (Bali Film Hotel Accommodation) for Some Categories, and movies that have been selected are automatically shown on our local platforms for a certain period, the revenue share will be reported.

- All Film Nominations will get digital nomination certificates.
- All Film Selected will get digital selected certificates.
- All participants automatically become talented members of Baliwood, having the possibility of collaborating with international co-production projects in the Baliwood Bali ecosystem (,

World Independent Short Film Awards (WISFA) - Baliwood BALI

1) Films produced between 2012 - 2021.
2) Film does not contain porn, violence, and racism.
3) Send also separately one pic of behind the scene to or
4) English Subtitle.
5) Fully film will be only in our local screening events. But fully selected films can be on the local platforms with 50:50 revenue sharing based.
6) Film trailer can be broadcast in our local screening events, online events, websites, local platforms, film exhibitions, and our nationwide satellite free to air TV Broadcast.

Overall Rating
  • Anne Lakhdar

    Thank you for choosing our film "Symphony of nature in the grande Cariçaie" for your festival, what an encouragement!

    November 2021
  • Macela Robison

    We'd like to thank the Baliwood Bali - World Independent Short Film Awards for selecting our short film, Defenseless, to their Film Festival.
    Looking forward to submitting more films to this festival.

    November 2021
  • vandana k

    Thank you very much for the Official Selection of my project "Justice for God" at your festival.

    November 2021
  • Wonderful film festival. Great creative team. I enjoyed participating in the program. I recommend everything to filmmakers!

    November 2021
  • Stanislav Domanský

    The great film festival pleased me. He showed me the way forward in my work. One of the best film festivals.

    November 2021