Bali International Film Festival (aka Balinale) is held annually on the inspirational island of Bali, Indonesia. We present an outstanding selection of independent local and international movies, many with filmmakers in attendance, and attract a diverse audience of film-goers.

We celebrate our 16th edition from Thursday 8 June to Sunday 11 June 2023.

Film submissions from all genres of fiction and documentary, feature-length and short, from Indonesia and around the world are accepted for consideration in our hybrid festival of regulated in-person, digital programming, and outdoor screenings.

The festival has a juried competition with awards presented in several artistic and technical categories for Narrative Features, Documentaries, and Short Films.

We are dedicated to supporting local filmmakers by waiving submission fees for Indonesian Nationals (WNI) allowing them to show their films to an international audience and meet filmmakers from all over the world.

The annual festival holds several workshops and seminars for film students & enthusiasts.

‘Bali Film Forum’ for film and television industry professionals focuses on developing the Indonesian creative industries by building a more effective and meaningful dialogue between them and their international counterparts.

Special Jury Awards:
- Jury Award
- Best Narrative Feature
- Best Documentary Feature
- Best Short Narrative
- Best Short Documentary

Festival Awards:
- Gary L Hayes Award for Emerging Indonesian Filmmakers
- American Indonesian Cross-Cultural Filmmaking Prize

Films must have been completed within ONE YEAR of the festival, and not already have had significant commercial or broadcast exposure. Films shown at other festivals or in limited non-commercial exhibitions are eligible.

Non-English language films must be either subtitled or dubbed in English. Submission fees & forms must be complete. Multiple submissions are allowed, each with its own submission form. Commercials, advertisements, works in progress and pornography will not be considered.

Fill in all the details on the film submission form and meet all press kit requirements (i.e. still images, trailer). Failing to do so will affect the consideration process.

By submitting your film to the Festival, you agree to the final decision made by the festival committee. Neither the festival committee nor the jury can provide any comments about your work. Any filmmaker who contacts a juror about the status of a submitted film may be disqualified.

The festival has a strict no refund policy.

Films must be provided in DCP or Mov. format. Downloadable is preferable but physical can be arranged on a case by case basis.

Note that a downloadable file will be required for the censor board to preview to issue the LSF certificate.

Screenings are scheduled at the discretion of the Festival. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the published schedule, We reserve the right to make changes at any time for any reason. Bali Film Festival will not be liable for any costs claimed as a result of a schedule change.

Once accepted, a film cannot be withdrawn without written approval by the festival committee.

All films may be submitted for Offline, Online, or Hybrid screening. Refusal to allow Online screening will not impact the chances of selection for Offline screening. However, Offline screening may be limited due to unforeseen events.

The Festival reserves the right to use the provided promotional materials (in full or part) for promotional purposes. Bali Film Festival is granted permission to exhibit the film at its associated events during the current festival year and up to its next edition, where the film will receive proper credit and promotion.

We encourage anyone connected to the production to attend so please inform us as soon as possible if this is a probability. The Festival sets aside a limited number of tickets for each filmmaker’s screening(s). Acceptance of your film into the Festival program should not be interpreted as also including travel expenses and associated costs.

Every precaution will be taken to prevent loss or damage to materials. Bali Film Festival is not responsible should any materials be damaged or lost while in transit to or from the Festival.

The filmmaker holds Bali Film Festival, its foundation, management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from entry.

By submitting your film(s), you acknowledge that you have all necessary rights and permissions for the film(s) and agree to grant permission for the Bali Film Festival to exhibit. The filmmaker indemnifies the organizers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings, and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.

All exhibition materials must be received in the Bali Film Festival headquarters by Monday, 15 May 2023.

Festival Headquarters Address: Jl. Mertasari 10-B, Sanur 80228, Bali, Indonesia

The Festival does not cover screening fees on submissions. By submitting to Bali Film Festival you agree that no screening or loaner fee will be required for your film to be shown at the Festival.

Indonesian Nationals (WNI) automatically qualify for free submissions. Please refer to the WNI CATEGORY and complete the details.

Submission Fee Waivers for NON-INDONESIAN productions will only be considered when a request is received between Tuesday, 1 February 2023 and Tuesday, 8 February 2023. World Premieres and Award Winners are given priority.

Waiver codes are valid for selected films only and not transferable.

Bali Film Festival, its authorized representatives or agents shall not be liable for any delays or cancellations occurring because of circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of civil or military authority, national emergencies, work stoppages, travel restrictions, acts of God, or failure of communication or power supply. In the event of venue cancellation, the festival shall take reasonable steps to minimize losses but shall have no liability with respect thereto.

Overall Rating
  • It has been a pleasure to project my work in this well-organized festival with excellent communication.

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Orangel,
    Congratulations on Mireyita and the well-deserved recognition it continues to enjoy.
    Balinale 2022

  • Haediqal Pawennei

    it's good and thank you for having me :)

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Haediqal,
    It was a genuine pleasure to have you premiere A Scent of Chlorine in the festival.
    We look forward to seeing your continued success.
    Balinale 2022

  • Johnny Agnew

    Wonderful festival, It was a privilege to be a part of so thank you for the support for our film. Wish we could have been there in person.

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    Many thanks, Johnny! Young and the Reckless made a huge impact on the audiences as one of the highlights of the festival program. We look forward to welcoming you and your next film to Bali.

  • Hohyun Lee

    this festival commitee was so fantastic!!
    wanna go next time!!

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    It was a great pleasure having you with us, Hohynu. Thank you for the kind words and recognition of the festival team. We look forward to welcoming you back!

  • Adi Wiraguna

    As an Indonesian filmmaker, Balinale appreciate Indonesian film so much by giving us special category. An it's a honor to be selected here. Thank you Balinale!

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Your recognition is much appreciated. Our aim is to continue promoting and supporting Indonesian films and their creators!