BUT is an annual international interdisciplinary festival with about 50 features, 50 shorts plus performances, music and art.
During 5 days in Breda (Holland) filmmakers, distributors and the audience meet each other.
We specialise in genre cinema, low-budget and independent - the weird and the wicked.
The focus is on underground moviemaking (not horror per se) and B-movies.
Each year there is a main guest, Waters, Buttgereit, Castellari, BrudeLaBruce have been there.
Each year there is a MAIN THEME, but we accept all sorts.
Opening film, closing film, 5 nominations plus retrospectives. 70% of the films is new, rest is retrospective.
BUT is a non-profit festival, run by a foundation (IDFX) and volunteers.
Since the 2020 edition, we incorporated free online viewing into our program.
We charge 6,66 euro for feature films and 66 cents for short films.

BUT-features award
BUT-shorts award
Lifetime achievement award

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT FILMS THAT DO NOT FIT OUR CATEGORIES! read the discription or check the website butff.nl
Viewing team decides on selection, submissions can be screened on other festival occasions on tours throughout the year.
Please don't submit trailers, videoclips or scripts only.
Only English spoken or English subtitled please.

Overall Rating
  • Werther Germondari

    It was a great pleasure to finally participate this year also in person, after many years, to present my new short film. The festival is really original, with a great atmosphere. The location is wonderful, where excellent performances are also presented. Thanks to the organizers and volunteers of the festival.

    September 2022
  • Chad Ferrin

    My second time playing this fantastic festival. Wish I could have been there on both occasions...perhaps the third will be the charm.

    September 2022
  • Always a pleasure to participate to the best and crazy fest in Europe

    September 2022
  • Eric Falardeau

    Amongst the best festivals in the world. The TEAM is on fire, dedicated, and passionate. They truly live by their moto and support real independent cinema. Being part of the alumni is a badge of honor.

    September 2022
  • Brandon Jett

    Great festival, they responded to my questions in a very short time after accepting my horror short film and I am very thankful to them for screening my project!

    September 2017