The Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival was founded in 2009 by The Baton Rouge Irish Club. The Festival showcases Irish talent, promotes cultural diversity and encourages collaboration between individuals and businesses in Louisiana and Ireland. Our annual Festival features Irish short films, feature films, dancing, music, food, art, merriment and much more. Our lineup expands each year, along with our reach to audiences across the Gulf South. We also accommodate the travel of presenting filmmakers whenever possible, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

Baton Rouge is the state capital of Louisiana, located on the Mississippi River 80 miles northwest of New Orleans, and central to all things uniquely Louisiana: swamps, historic plantation homes, Cajun country, and the French Quarter. A significant uptick in film and television production in the state has earned it the nickname "Hollywood South". So there's no better place to showcase your film, and "laissez les bons temps rouler"!

Certain short films selected for the Festival will be eligible for The O’Kalem Award, which is an audience-voted award for Favorite Short Film.

Since our Festival celebrates Ireland and Irish film, the film should meet AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:
- A majority of the film was shot or created in Ireland.
- The film was directed or produced by a director, filmmaker or production company based in Ireland.
- The film was co-produced with a production company based in Ireland.
- The film was directed, produced or created outside of Ireland, but by an Irish filmmaker.
- The film is about Ireland, an Irish person, place, or event, or pertains to the Irish cultural experience.

- Total running time for short films (any category or genre) must not be longer than 30 minutes. Documentary features must be at least 50 minutes, and narrative features must be at least 70 minutes.
- Except in the case of eligibility for The O'Kalem Award, there are no stipulations as to genre, when the film was completed, or if/how the film has been released.
- Only the final version of a film will be accepted. Please do not submit incomplete films or works-in-progress.
- Foreign-language films must include English subtitles, both in submission and exhibition.

Submissions should be received by April 30th (“Regular Deadline”) to be considered for that year’s Festival. In special circumstances and at our sole discretion, we may consider a film submitted after the regular deadline through May 31st (“Last-Ditch Deadline”), but only films submitted prior to the Regular Deadline will be guaranteed consideration. Filmmakers will be notified of their film’s acceptance no later than June 30th.

At this time, we do not charge a submission fee for any entry categories.

Short films selected for the Festival will be eligible for The O’Kalem Award, which is an audience-voted award for Favorite Short Film. To be eligible for this award, the film must either be unreleased, or must have been released or screened to an audience no earlier than the previous year. In other words, a short film that was released or first screened in 2015 would be eligible for the 2016 O'Kalem Award, but a short film released or first screened in 2014 would not. No other film awards are currently offered by BRIFF.

- Films must be submitted in the form of a DVD, Blu-Ray, online screener, or digital file via a storage device (Quicktime files are preferred). We accept all regions and aspects of discs, but please ensure the disc is playable before submitting, and be sure to label any materials with the name of the film.
- If chosen for exhibition at the Festival, the film must be made available in one of the following formats, in order of preference: DCP, Blu-Ray, Quicktime-compatible digital file, or DVD. Other exhibition formats requiring decks may be available upon request.

We are generally unable to return submitted materials, but contact us in the event you need any materials returned to you after consideration, and we will do our best to accommodate the request. It is understood that all press materials submitted, including clips, photos and may be used to promote the Festival.

By submitting the film, you confirm that you are duly authorized to submit the film for consideration, and that you have cleared all rights necessary to screen the film at this Festival. You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Festival from any and all liability arising out of the submission or use of the film and any related materials.

Overall Rating
  • MT Garvey

    Baton Rouge Irish Film festival was a pleasure to be programmed at. Unfortunately we couldn't attend in person but we were given wonderful feedback after the screening and Aaron kept us in the loop through the whole process.

    I'd HIGHLY recommend Baton Rouge if you have an Irish film or a film with an Irish connection. Aaron and his team are clearly passionate about films and filmmakers.

    Thanks a million for having us Baton Rouge!

    Mar and team Atlantic (2016)

    October 2016