BNP PARIBAS GREEN FILM FESTIVAL is an international festival of ecological films, it is a celebration of cinema and people who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet. GFF also includes ecological workshops, educational meetings, lectures and other artistic activities aimed at improving the culture of life in accordance with the "green" values.
BNP PARIBAS GREEN FILM FESTIVAL is the first and biggest film festival in Poland focusing on environmental issues. Established in 2018 by Green Festival Foundation, GFF is a festival that seeks to share the hope for a better world where all the lives can live in harmony with environment and nature. Through cinema, the festival hopes to promote ideas of environmental protection and life respect to encourage public awareness and action for positive changes.

For the best festival film chosen from the four competing categories: Narrative Films, Animated Films, Feature Documentaries, Short Documentaries, Reportages.

Official awards will by trophies and diplomas.

REGULATIONS of the 6th International Festival of the Environmental Films

§ 1.
The Organiser of the 7th International Festival of the Environmental Films „BNP PARIBAS GREEN FILM FESTIVAL” (hereinafter referred to as: the Festival) is Fundacja Green Festival located in Śledziejowice 172, 32-020 Wieliczka, KRS 0000718705; TIN: 6832099124.

§ 2.
1. Festival takes place in Kraków between 12th and 18 of August 2024.
2. The aim of the Festival is to contribute to developing the craft of filmmaking engaged in discussing the issue of ecology, as well as to pursue the environmental education throughout screening films, discussions with creators and environmental experts from all over the world.
3. The Festival is of an international character.
4. To select the films for the competitions taking place during the Festival and award winners in competitions, as well as to oversee the proper course of the whole Festival, the International Jury is being formed. All members of Jury, including its Chairman, are appointed by the Organiser.

§ 3.
1. Submissions must illustrate an environmental theme and be informative, educational or inspirational.
2. Only films completed after January 1st, 2022 will be considered for the official selection.
3. The Applications are received through the FilmFreeway Portal or by sending the filled-in Application, only via Internet. Does not apply to the "Best Youth FIlm" competition.
4. Length of the movies:
a). Feature documentary – no less than 40 minutes
b). Short documentary – up to 40 minutes
c). Narrative films – up to 30 minutes
d). Animated films - up to 30 minutes.
e). Reportage – no less than 10 minutes
5. All films must be subtitled in English.
6. Competition films chosen by the Jury must be delivered to the organizers at the sentenced date via a link to the film, for example - Wetransfer or another server.
7. We accept .MOV, * mp4 files. in HD quality (1920x1080).

§ 4.
1. The program of the Festival includes:
- main competition for the Grand Prix Award (Grand Prix);
- competition for feature documentary films (Feature Documentary);
- competition for short documentary films (Short Documentary);
- competition for narrative films (Narrative Film);
- competition for short narrative films (Animation & films with actors);
- competition for reportages (Reportage);
- competition for best Polish films (Polish Film);
- competition for best young creator (Best Youth);
as well as
- out-of-competition film screenings;
- press conferences;
- accompanying events.
2. Films are qualified to respective competition categories by international Selection Committe from between films submitted for the Festival. Committee’s decision is final and does not need a justification.

§ 5.
1. All declarations/documents mentioned in these Regulations ought to be sent by electronic means to the address or through the mail to the legal address of the Organiser.
2. The Regulations have been drawn up in Polish and English language version. In case of uncertainties of interpretations of provisions of the regulations, the Polish language version is binding.


Overall Rating
  • Matteo Occhipinti

    Thank you for the valuable nomination and the opportunity to participate in this outstanding film festival. It's been an honor to share our work with such a passionate and welcoming community. We are thrilled to be a part of this unforgettable experience.

    October 2023
  • Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych

    Bardzo dziękujemy za zaproszenie. Podkreślić chcemy, że Festiwal stanowił świetną okazję do nawiązania znajomości i nowych kontaktów w środowisku filmowym. Chcemy też podkreślić świetną atmosferę i dobrą organizację wydarzenia. Gratulujemy organizatorom i z przyjemnością weźmiemy udział w kolejnej edycji!

    Thank you very much for the invitation! We would like to emphasise that the Festival was a great opportunity to make friends and new contacts in the film environment. We also want to emphasise the great atmosphere and good organisation of the event. We congratulate the organisers and will be happy to participate in the next edition!

    September 2023
  • Sommer Slatter

    Speaking for "BLINDGÄNGER (I want you to panic!)", unfortunately, we as the filmmakers couldn't attend the festival in person, but our actress was there and loved the overall organization, watching those very interesting films and was happy to be welcomed so nicely and have thrilling conversations with other filmmakers. Sadly, our film must have been screened in front of only very few people next to a much bigger and louder stage/screen, but festivals are not only about your own film, right? Cheers from Germany!

    September 2023
  • Many thanks to the Krakow team for running such a well-attended festival in the most beautiful setting possible.

    September 2023
  • gaby bastyra

    I was invited to BNP Paribas Green Film Festival in Krakow to accept the award for Best Short Documentary this year. This is a fantastic festival, overlooking the beautiful Vistula river. The ceremony was extremely professional and prestigious. I received nothing but superb hospitality and communication with the organisers throughout - we will enter again in the future! Many thanks to all

    September 2023