We ride bicycles and watch movies. We thought there are many people like us out there. We decided to integrate this community. To treat the words BICYCLE and CULTURE as synonyms. Hence BIKE DAYS – International Bicycle Film Festival, the only initiative of this kind in Poland.

Hi, this is the Continuous Process Foundation.

We are the organizer of the unique festival during which we watch movies in the New Horizons Cinema, wind up miles at the Wrocław's velodrome, and animate urban spaces. Somewhere by the way we try to prove that the city has enough space for us all. We work together because we believe that riding in pack is better than breakaway.

Bike Days is an event carried out in the form of participation of various groups and individuals, whose skills and commitment contribute to the creation of the festival.
This approach is the basis of the Continuous Process Foundation (Proces Ciągły), an institution where equality in relation to specific activities, as well as the idea of creating a common good, are among the crucial values.

The festival is more than just watching films in a cinema room. It is also:

Bicycle Films Platform

A unique all-Poland film contest showcasing amateur productions on bicycle-related subjects. It is a chance for Polish competitive bicycle teams (but not only them!) to present their achievements to a wide range of spectators.

Picnic at the W. Grundmann Velodrome

Aged 94 (and preserved in perfect conditions) the Werner Joseph Grundmann Cycling Track in the Wroclaw's district of Poświętne is unique for a variety of reasons: demanding impeccable technique, made of concrete, devilishly fast. Its design was made in the legendary workshop of Clemens Schürmann. Before the war the velodrome on Żmigrodzka street was visited by crowds of people who were coming to witness the speed of Richard Scheuermann, called The Matador from Breslau.
Currently it’s a place where we watch bicycle races, spend nice moments on family picnics, talk about the history of the Velodrome and the city, and animate the space so that everybody can find something for themselves.

Alleycat and NUWR

Two urban bicycle races, open for all participants. Alleycat is a sort of a bicycle city game. NUWR, that is, StreetNightBikeRace, is a proposition for those who don’t have to get up at 6 a.m. the following morning.

Meeting with people from the sport and cultural world:

All Bike Days festival editions have gathered 57 special guests, including 22 international directors and producers.

Workshops and debates

We are not afraid to tackle difficult questions. During our debates we bring them to light, and we try to find solutions to them together with the participants of our workshops.

As you can see, BIKE DAYS International Bicycle Film Festival is much more than just films!

just come along and join our bike film family with your nice movie!

Bike Days International Competition, 2 awards – audience award and jury gold pedal price