BIG (wee) Film Festival presents Don't Look Now! Supported by South Ayrshire Screen, and Regional Screen Scotland. A Halloween special dedicated to the best and unknown horror filmmakers out there! Streaming live over Scotland on all hallows eve and Halloween 2020!
Offering filmmakers the chance to have their work seen, judged and cash prizes to be won!

1st Prize for best horror film 2020- £500 an award from BWFF for best horror and your film shown at our Ayrshire wide film festival in 2021 on the big screen as we tour. A Q&A spot at the 2021 film festival and a VIP pass to the 2021 Big (wee) film festival after-party.

2nd Prize for second-best horror 2020-£200 and a VIP pass to the Big (wee) Film Festival after-party.

3rd Prize for third-best horror 2020-£100

Films can be no longer than 10 minutes and must be original, not adaptions.
Films submitted can be any genre or merged genres as long they are a horror.
Films must be rated and clearly state this in opening credits.
A team can submit up to three films for review and must pay the submission fee for each submission.
BIg (wee) film festival can not accept more than three films from one team and/or person.
Films can be submitted that are made by one person or a production team. This is flexible.