The Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles (BIFFLA) aims to bring back focus and interest to the Broadway corridor of downtown Los Angeles, as part of the Bringing Back Broadway Initiative.

BIFF will take place in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, and will feature an all inclusive agenda of film screenings, panels discussions, and a Gala Awards Dinner.

BIFFLA accomplishes this goal by focusing on the importance and the historical significance of this area by bringing a major event in which artists, political and city leaders, businesses and the community unite.

The purpose of the festival includes reaching all aspects of our community with the focus of placing Broadway as a cultural center of film diversity and a platform for the exposure of important topics that affect us all, with the opportunity for both emerging and established talent to showcase and publicize their material.

****October 22, 2021
Los Angeles, CA

This is to inform you about current changes being implemented to the Broadway International Film Festival for 2021.

The social media platform will keep you informed. The program will run consecutively 24 hours per day during the 3 days of the event to provide more opportunity for participating filmmakers to screen their films.

We thank you for supporting Broadway International Film Festival 2020.

Emilio Vega
Executive Director
Broadway International Film Festival

Various awards for various levels of film production value, film quality, and best films in each category will be presented.

Short Film must be from2 minutes maximum 30.

Feature Film must be more than 45 minutes and no more than 110 minutes.

All films will be screened before the festival. Someone from the production must be present to win.

BIFF-LA reserves its right to admit a film to the festival. Films accepted to the festival will be posted on the festival web-site (

Only complete and final versions of the films received before the deadline will
be accepted.

Multiple films on one DVD will be accepted. However, one complete application packet per film should be submitted.

Only films in DVD/BLUE-RAY NTSC format will be admitted.

Films will not be returned unless specifically requested by the filmmaker/production company. The cost of returning the film will be at the sender’s expense.

Broadway International Film Festival-Los Angeles reserves its right to use submitted films or part of these films for the festival’s promotional activities, unless prohibited due to: the film production company policies on the use of its film (in part or its entirety) or due to its copyrights restrictions.

Unless specifically stated, the organizers of the BIFFLA will rightfully assume that the use of a film (short or feature film) is authorized by the film’s director and/or producer/production company for all of Broadway International Film Festival - Los Angeles’ promotional and marketing strategies, for its award ceremony, BIFF-LA, the X College Latin American Video Film Festival, the “Corte Creative” Film Festival, and/or South County Renaissance Project’s non-profit promotional fund-raising activities.

IMPORTANT: Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles© is a production of Arco Del Triunfo Foundation, a non-profit organization. Proceeds of the Arco Del Triunfo Foundation and BIFFLA help subsidize art and technology-based programs for children in the Los Angeles city.

Film submissions post-marked or received after the final submissions deadline will be accepted on an as needed basis and may not appear in the official program.

Overall Rating
  • Cuando me enteré que mi documental participaría del festival me puse muy contento. Agradezco muchísimo la oportunidad que me dieron y fue muy agradable cuando el señor Emilio nos recibió con un mail para todos los participantes, pero a partir de ahí nunca mas, en la página no dice nada de quienes son los ganadores (¡pasaron 3 semanas !) y cuando le pregunté al señor Emilio, jamás respondió. En la página de twitter, nada, facebook, nada, en la pagina, nada, en la plataforma de filmfreeway tampoco...todavía no se que pasó en ese festival. Lamento tener que escribir esto, pero hay que ser profesionales.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Hola Sr. Garcia como esta? Gracias por su comentario, para Este servidor y para el equipo del Festival siempre es un honor recibir y cuidar la relacion con Los Cineastas, que son parte muy importante en este Festival. Los Ganadores se anunciaron en FB, seles mando a todos la plataforma donde se proyectaron las peliculas, seles invite a todos al panel presente y future del cine. No se en que pais esta usted, pero En Los Angeles donde Yo vivo las restricciones son bien grandes, y luchamos para tener este evento por amor al arte y la cultura pero hay mucho trabajo que hacer. ustedes tienen un email donde comunicarse y no me ha llegado nada de usted. en la pagina del festival se estan actualizando para que todos tengan los resultados, pero a los ganadores seles anuncio. nuevamente agradesco su mensaje y le ofresco una disculpa por cualquer error de nuestra parte nuestro whats up es 213 210-0900

  • Małgorzata Szyszka

    Very interesting meeting for artsts from all the world. Thank you.

    November 2020
  • Amazing festival! The communication was amazing and the people and work was lovely!

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Cesar for been part of Broadway International Film Festival 2020.
    We highly appreciate your participation in this annual film international event. We will open the 2021 open entrance we hope to have you in the 2021 event. we are planning to have a present and future of cinema we invite you to be part of this event to create a global community for the art and culture of the world. my email is what's up 213 210-0900

  • Dave Lojek

    We were happy to have 3 of our APEIRON FILMS in the program of this event in 2020.

    Due to the Covid_19 pandemic, the festival had to go online to a platform called Bingewave. This gave me the chance to see many works I would have never discovered otherwise.
    From the social media and websites of the festival, I gather that it has a humanitarian approach and is connected to institutions of aid for the homeless and the Latinx expat community in Los Angeles. There was of course no networking or hospitality this year, but the communication with the filmmakers was sufficient. Maybe send the emails via BCC next time.
    Looking at the works that were selected, I noticed a strong tendency towards melancholic music videos.
    We hope to return to the event with new films and hope they can have a physical celebration in 2021.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the email it is my pleasure to have you, we can contact, and have a panel a lit every 3 month we can just check in each other how we are doing what's up 213 210-0900

  • Walter Nagy

    Well, I´m very sceptical about this festival. They never contact me and When I contacted them and asked them about the regulations or shipping information of files festival, they just sent me an empty mail with a promo advertising flyer. When I asked them again and waited, that finally, I could receive (one week before the festival) technical proposition of the screening file or Q+A with the director, they just send me ( 5 days before the festival) this question: "What is it that you need to know?" I´m very worried, that this is a regular professional festival. Seems to be more a fake festival.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for taking the time to email us. We highly appreciate the filmmakers are a big part of Broadway International Film Festival. Is real not fake but with all the respect you have the right to have your own opinion and I respect that, but I like to ask you a question, how much did you pay? fake event regular charge you to be in. but anyway thank you for you nice email a have a blessed day.