The Brazosport Arts in Media Festival features Short Film and Animation by high school and university students. In addition to the competition, entrants may attend free film and animation workshops by university faculty and industry professionals.

The Festival consists of two separate divisions Texas students and National/International students. Scholarship prize money is available for winners of the Texas Student Division. We are not yet able to offer scholarships for the National/International students, but will judge the entries and declare winners.

The BAM! Festival is a project of the non-profit organization ARS ARCA. We appreciate your donations and support for this and other ARS ARCA projects


The 2024 BAM! Festival will award up to $10,000 in total scholarship prize money for Texas students.
National/International prize winners will receive customized Festival posters, stating the name of the award won, the name of their film, and the names of the film credits.


Contestants must show proof of enrollment in a high school or university at the time the film was produced. This contest is for STUDENT ENTRIES ONLY.

Only ONE (1) entry per is allowed per director per category. For example: A director may enter a narrative film and a digital animation, but may not enter two narrative films.

There is no minimum or a maximum number of contestants. Actors are not contestants if that is their only role in the project.

Non-student involvement in the project is limited to sponsors and onscreen talent.
There is no limit in the number of submissions by school.


1) Narrative
2) Documentary, (This does not include Broadcast News or PSA’s)

1) Computer/ digital animation and
2) Traditional animation (claymation, hand drawn, stop motion) This does not include live actors filmed and then edited to create a “strobe” effect.

Narrative and documentary films shall be 3- 7 minutes in length. Animation entries shall be 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length. This includes any credits.

There shall be a separate competition for Texas students. Texas high school and university students shall only compete against other Texas students and awards shall be issued separately from other competitors.

Submitted material must be original works and are required to have clearances for music or other copy-righted material featured in the project. A log of any music used shall be maintain and made available upon request by contest officials.
Contest officials reserve the right reject material found within their sole discretion to offend the moral standards of the community.

Submission Deadline - March 18, 2022.
Submission of Film Entries shall be uploaded at FilmFreeway

The Brazosport Arts in Media Festival shall take place APRIL 13, 2024

Films submitted to the Festival shall be previewed, critiqued and ranked by our adjudicators. Originality, cinematic storytelling, and technical execution are the basis of the scoring.

Festival winners must be present to receive cash award prizes.

Overall Rating
  • I am writing to express my profound frustration and disappointment regarding the handling of my award for the SHSU special category for my film "Wouldn't it be Funny." It has been over three weeks since I was informed by my professor that I won this category, which was supposed to include a prize reward of $1000. However, I have yet to receive any official communication or notification from your organization regarding this award.

    I find it unacceptable that there has been no email or notification acknowledging my win. Furthermore, despite multiple attempts to reach out via email over the past three weeks, I have not received any response. This lack of communication and recognition is highly unprofessional and undermines the credibility of the awarding body.

    I expect an immediate response and resolution to this matter, including the disbursement of the promised $1000 prize reward. It is imperative that this issue is addressed promptly to maintain the integrity of the awards process and to respect the efforts and achievements of the recipients.

    May 2024
  • Liz Stearnes

    I submitted two student films which were selected as finalists. I couldn't get any info about the festival and all information of FB and Website is several years outdated. I have no clue how my students did. If the festival was better organized and there was any communication, my students would have felt more comfortable traveling 5 hours to attend. I love the idea of having them attend workshops, but how, where, what time???

    April 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your interest. The specific schedule of every film played was listed on the home page of the website and posted on the Facebook page about a week prior to the Festival date. The itemized schedule also provided the times, subjects, and name of presenters for free workshops. This year we had the head of student recruiting from Texas A&M present a workshop on their opportunities for for animation and film as well as information about their job placement programs after graduation. We had a professor from UT Austin that teaches animation and video game design provide a workshop on constructing narrative. The published schedule also contained the films that made the finals. The BAM! winners are currently posted on the home page of the website. BAM! is focused primarily on providing an amazing Festival Day experience. Audience members, Texas High School educators, and judges have offered extensive praise for organization and presentation of the live festival experience. We attempt to play every Texas student submission, and in fact play films this year from 1 pm to 9:30 pm. For most of these students, this is the only opportunity to see their film on a big screen. As seen on our website and festival page, our theater is amazing and rivals any big city theater anywhere. Nocona High School has attended every year since 2019. I recommend that you give them a call and get an independent opinion of the great job we do at BAM!

  • This was a not an good experience for me, they said my film was selected and then it was not even shown!

    April 2024
    Response from festival:

    BAM! awards a monetary prize to the highest scoring film submitted by a student of Sam Houston State University. Thus all films from SHSU are marked as selected so it can be scored by multiple rounds of judging. Further, BAM! prioritizes screening of all Texas films if possible. However, BAM! is funded by local hotel taxes from the local government and must be held as a “family friendly” event. Films with excessive profanity or other content that violates community standards cannot be screened in front of the theater audience. Your film went through multiple levels of judging as was all selected films and all SHSU films. BAM! chose the best film from SHSU and is awarding the cash prize to that film. That process is separate from process of actually playing the film in the theater. BAM! consulted with faculty of SHSU about this decision to omit films with prohibited content but still select the films for the purpose of multiple level judging for the SHSU special award. I would have reached out to you in person about this at the festival in person, but I don’t believe you were in attendance.

  • This was a really bad experience for me, they said my film was selected and then it was not even shown! I tried to contact them and then no answer.

    May 2023
  • Good festival and good experience

    April 2023