The Belhaven 52 Hour Film Challenge asks high school, college, and adult filmmakers to write, shoot, edit and upload a short film in just 52 hours!

An award will be given to the Best Film in each of the three categories: (1) High School Student (2) College Student (3) Adult/Non-student

(1) Filmmaking teams should register for the event by Friday, October 12 by simply emailing your NAME and CATEGORY (HS, college, or adult) to

(2) On Friday, October 12 at 5:00PM the theme and mandatory items to be included in the film will be emailed to you. Later that night, we will post this information on social media. So please register through email to get the info as soon as possible!

(3) Films must adhere to the announced theme and include the mandatory items; failure to do will result in the film being ineligible for screening. No refunds will be given for failing to adhere to the theme or include the mandatory items.

(4) The teams will then have 52 hours to write, shoot, edit, and upload the link to their films to our FilmFreeway account.

(5) Final films must be 7 minutes or less.

(6) Films must be uploaded by 9:00PM Central Time on Sunday, October 14. Films uploaded after that time will be ineligible.

(7) Films will be selected and adjudicated. The selected films will be screened on November 8 at the Malco Grandview in Madison, MS.

(8) Since students are encouraged to participate and attend our screening, ALL FILMS (including the Adult/non-student category) must follow the standards of a PG-13 or PG rating. Standards include: no F words or similarly harsh language, no nudity, no underage tobacco use, no graphic drug use, no graphic violence, and no simulated sex. When in doubt, leave it out.

Overall Rating
  • Lilly Ross

    Fun festival for amateur and expert film makers! Can’t wait to enter next year!

    November 2018