Balkan Film Food Festival is a Festival only for Balkan Countries. Other Countries will not qualify!

The Balkan Film Food Festival is not a festival only about Food and Culinary. The Balkan Film Food Festival is about Balkan Film Production. The Festival intent is to create a climate of understanding of friendship and collaborations among Balkan countries. All guests sit on a common table and taste our common Balkan culinary and drink the same wine.
This Balkan Festival is a good chance to get acquainted with good Balkan and European cinema production. The festival aims to promote student films and films that normally its impossible to see on TV.
We are 60 million Balkan people and still we don’t know one another well enough.
An exchange of experiences could be part of meetings and debate among filmmakers during the festival days.
Cuisine is part of this event and it aims at having better friendly contacts among the participants.

Awards (Festival Trophy + Diploma)








1. We require a HD mp4 file with English subtitles.
2. The Festival offers only accommodation for three nights for Director, Producer or actors from the film.

Best Film
5 minutes too late - Dan Chisu - Romania
Best Short Movie
Nexting - Karina Logotheti - Greece
Best Balkan Spirit
Flying Circus - Fatos Berisha - Kosovo
Best Animation
"Game"- Turkey
Special Mention - Feature Film
Shoelace - Gorkem Yeltan - Turkey
Special Mention - Short Film :
Cadillac and Strawberries - Suela Bako - Albania Planting of the trees - Fabio Seferi - Albania
A pigeon life - Eneos Carka - Albania
Earth 2020 - Anna Nina - Albania

Winners 2021

BEST FEATURE and BEST SCREEN PLAY goes to Turkey, for "FATED HEARTS" by Elif Akarsu Polat and Cidgem Bozali.
Both BEST DIRECTOR and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY goes to Bulgaria, to Stanislav Donchev for "Letters from Antarctica".
BEST SHORT goes to Turkey, for the film "Cristiano Ronaldo" by Ciwan Zengin.
BEST DIRECTOR SHORT goes to Albania and Slovenia, for two directors, to Ergys Meta from Albania for the film "The Good Man"; and to Urban Zorko from Slovenia for "Short Deeds".
BEST DOCUMENTARY goes to Turkey, for "The same snowflake has fallen numerous times on earth", by Evrim Inci.
BEST ANIMATION goes to Bulgaria, for "Let's meet yesterday" by Iva Tokmakchieva.
BEST BALKAN SPIRIT goes to Turkey, for "School Bus" by Ramazan Kilic.
HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD goes to Romania, for "Between Pain and Amen", by Toma Enache.
HUMAN RIGHTS SHORT goes to Slovenia, for "The Stamp", by Lovro Mrdjem
JURY SPECIAL MENTION goes to Romania, for "Mechanism and other systems", by Miruna Minculescu.

Winners 2019

1.Equally red and blue - Best Short Student Romania – Georgiana Moldoveanu
2. Fake News – Best Short Greece – Dimitris Katsimiris
3. Timmy – Best Screenplay Bulgaria – Ljubo Yonchev
4. Shadows – Best Cinematography Bulgaria – Victoria Karakoleva
5. Cold November – Best Feature Film Kosovo – Ismet Sijarina
6. The return – Best Balkan Spirit North Macedonia – Kastriot Avdyli
7. Shelter Among the Clouds – Best Feature Director Albania – Robert Budina
8. The Van – Best Short Director Albania – Erenik Beqiri
9. She – Best Human Rights Film Kosovo – More Raca
10. Kain - Best Animation Albania – Shaqir Veseli
11. Saturn in Leo – Best Student Animation Croatia – Ana Sagadin
12. Free Flow - Best Documentary Albania – Elton Baxhaku
13. The Hunger Circus – Best Student Documentary Romania – Eugen Dediu
14. The constitution of the new era: Man balanced of the aeraeal and acquatic world – Best Balkan Story North Macedonia – Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshov
15. Cracking Nuts – Jury Special Mention Turkey – Tolgay Hicyilmaz



BEST LONG FEATURE • Day Break, - Gentian Koci, - Albania
{Jury Special Mention • Omnipresent,- Ilian Djevelekov, - Bulgaria


BEST FIRST: • You Didn´t Forget,- Simon Intihar, - Slovenia
STUDENT: • Without Water,- Eneos Carka, - Albania
PROFESSIONAL: • The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith,- Slobodan Maksimovich, - Slovenia
Jury Special Mention: •The Last Church Bell, - Nikolce Popovski,- Macedonia


BEST DOCUMENTARY: • Adem Reka,- Ardian Arreza, - Albania
BEST STUDENT: • Verbally Correct, - Leutrim Voka, - Albania
PROFESSIONAL: • Spreading the Seeds, - Ana Cerar, - Slovenia


FIRST: • The Hammer, - Gheorghe Marian Negutu, - Romania
PROFESSIONAL: • The Monk, - Zharko Ivanov, - Macedonia

BEST BALKAN SPIRIT • The Award, - Lidija Mojsovska, - Macedonia

BEST SCRIPT • Dolores, - Radovan Petrovic, - Macedonia

SPECIAL JURY AWARD • Mom, I´m Back, - Dimitris Katsimiris, - Greece

SPECIAL YOUTH AWARD • Mishko, - Hanis Bagashov, - Macedonia

MOST SCENOGRAPHIC MOVIE • Maniera Greca, - Kirineos Papadimatos, - Greece

SPECIAL FILM & FOOD FESTIVAL AWARD • The Ham Massage, - David Jovanovic, - Serbia

BALKAN STORY (PITCH) • Partisan Lady, - Hanis Bagashov - Macedonia

Michael Alexander, Maria Roces, Fiona Howe, Amahi Camilla Saraceni, Harald Friedl

International Jury Awards 2017

BROKEN - Best Film - Alb
GOLDEN FIVE - Best Balkan Spirit - Mac
THE FALLING GIRL - Best Animation - Mac
FIGHTING FOR DEATH - Best Short Comedy - Mac
THE SON - Best Drama Short - Bul
BATMOBILE - Best Student - Bul
PENABER Best Short Short - Tur
MR SELFISH and THE REAL COST OF COAL - Environmental Consciousness Award

Barbora Stepanova, Actress CZ
Nicolas Neuhold, Film Director AUS
Ratmir Luftullin, Film Director RUS
Virginie Caquot Photographer FRA


International Jury Awards 2016

Mark Le Fanu – Harriet Grabow – Mark Baker – Lindita Arifi – Paolo Buglioni

Best Film
“Wish to wash with the rain” Dir. Gülten Taranç (Tur)

Best experimental
“We have all been here since forever”
Dir. Peter Cerovšek, Neža Grum, Matevž Jerman (Slo)

Special mention
“Seeker” Toma Zidić (Cro)

Best animation
“Dinner for few” Nassos Vakalis (Gre)

Special mention
”20 Kicks” Dimitar Dimitrov (Bul)

Best comedy
“Getting fat in a healthy way” Kevork Aslanyan (Bul)

Special mention
“Without Milk” Thodoris Vournas (Gre)

Best Balkan Spirit
“Behold” Mark Sargent (Gre)

Special mention
“I love YU” Irena Skoric (Cro)
“Toprak” Anil Guldogan (Tur)

Best Documentary
“My Grandmother” Jurgen Agushi (Alb)

Special Mention
“Athens from Beneath” Takis Bardakos (Gre)
“On.Off” Animart Documentary Team (Gre)

Best Drama
“Deal” Alexandra Suta (Rom)

Special Mention
“Lonely Kangaroo” Camelia Popa (Rom)

Best student short film – Joint Winners
“Enemies” Hristo Simeonov (Bul)
“The Capsule” Irdit Kaso (Alb)
“Little fish” Maja Križnik (Slo)

Special mention
“Three” Arian Dalladaku (Kos)

Best short film
“Excursion” Adrian Sitaru (Rom)

Special Mention
“Hana Hana Honey” Karlo Vorih (Cro)
“Picnic” Jure Pavlovic (Cro)
“Twosome” Masa Neskovic (Ser)

Jury Prize
“Balcony” Lendita Zeqiraj (Kos)

Local Jury Awards

Avdulla Cano – Dasara Xhangolli – Dorian Leka – Ilir Shyta – Vangjo Shkurti

“Saucius” Ademir Gogic (BiH)
“What do l want” Bogdan Fanariu (Rom)
“The last battle” Alban Zogjani (Kos)
“Indonesia” Daria Blazevic (Cro)
“At the edge of cape” Panagiotis Vekris (Gre)

Films must be from Balkan countries with English subtitles hard-coded (printed in video), For more info visit

We have the will to invite every director, actor or producer of the films in competition at our festival, and we cover accommodation and meals. For those who can’t cover travel expenses still we can help. Please get in contact with us to find solutions how you can find the way at our festival.
(Please upload one or two stills from your movie if you intend to submit your film )


The only international airport is the “Mother Teresa“ near Tirana. The rail system is idle. Much long-distance transport is covered by minibuses and buses. The land entering points are also from Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Largest ports are Durres and Vlore on the Adriatic Sea, from where twice daily are departing passenger and cargo ferries to Italy.

The most appropriate time to visit the Albania: the period from May to September.


Pogradec, municipal center today, was once a fishing village pleasurable experience. Situated on the edge of Lake Ohrid (Lyhnidit ancient) is surrounded by scenic mountains. It is one of the most frequented tourist spots of all Albania.
In ancient times this territory by Polybius was populated by Illyrian tribe of Enkels. Somewhere in these parts must have existed Enkelana city.
On the hill above the town is the ruins of a fortification discovered that departed from the fifth century BC and abandoned by the beginning of the Byzantine period. In these parts has passed one of the most important issues branches of the Via Egnatia, the famous ancient road that connected Rome with Constantinople. In the nineteenth century, during thethe Ottoman Empire Starova was the administrative center today Buçimas commune center. Pogradec developed more in the early twentieth century as trade and craft center. It is the birthplace of two of the most famous Albanian writers, Lasgush Poradeci and Mitrush Kuteli, bronze monuments whose are side by side in the center of town.
Cinema located in the center of the city and it’s very close to Abu Bekir Esidikut Mosque built in the last few decades by an Islamic foundation headquartered in Birmingham. Some streets up North is a small Orthodox church also recently built.
The oldest neighborhood of the city is located in the southeast. Here are still standing old houses built since the beginning of the twentieth century, and the building of the former first Albanian school in this province, as well as the church of St. Mary.

Getting in Pogradec?

With buses and minivans from Tirana. So far minivans departure is at "Elbasan" Street (Rruga e Elbasanit) near the “Filologjiku School” as there is not yet a stable bus station.

From Greece. You need to make Greece Kastoria – Kapshtice route – Korca – Pogradec.

If you travel from Macedonia – Struga – Ohrid – Pogradec Qafasan , or in the other direction St. Naum Ohrid – Pogradec – Tushemisht . The trip on both sides lasts more or less alike.

Recommended itinerary:

Pogradec – Korca.

Korca is the largest city in the southeastern part of Albania. It is half hour drive. The district has a great cathedral, the picturesque boulevard theater and numerous bars, etc. medieval art museum etc.

Pogradec – Lin

Lin is a fishing village located near 22 miles south of Pogradec.
On the rock that rises above the village are the ruins of a basilica with interesting mosaics of an old fort. The village itself is very picturesque. On the north side of the village is a rocky beach with very clean waters and nice hotel.

Ohrid – Pogradec

Ohrid is Macedonia’s historic heartland. For too long this city was of Bulgarian rule with very rich with in cultural monuments, architecture and numerous churchs.

Pogradec – Tushemisht – St Naum

To go to Saint Naum take the road that connects the east with Tushmeshit Pogradec. This is a very picturesque village with villagers and fishermen’s houses that are located on some channels with running water. Before you enter the village you can visit the forest and the wetlands of Volorek. Here is the holiday villa of Enver Hoxha , who ruled Albania in the period 1944-1985, which is now turned into a hotel. Beyond Tushmeshit a border crossing point will switch to Macedonia. The first place that you will come out ahead is a monastery located within a forest full of water and with a deep green. This is Saint Naum. Much revered saint among Orthodox Slavs as a man who gave education in Cyrillic script, like his predecessor Cyril, Methodius and St. Clement. Inside the church is the tomb of the saint himself the tenth century

A ferry line Pogradec Ohrid and St. Naum is expected to start work soon.

What to wear?

Pogradec stands for cool summer. During the day wearing t-shirt may is normal, but at night it is always advisable to wear an easy jacket. A wind that blows across the lake, from the north to lower the temperature, can happen in summer time.
One of these winds is called “Krivec”

What to eat?

Pogradec most famous fish is the Ohrid trout, a kind of endemic trout that grows only here. It’s cooked in many traditional ways.

There is also other delicious grilled products, like kërnacka and many home made sausage types .

Lakrori is a two foil pie that is filled with tomatoes, onions, cheese, or vegetables. It is baked under a very old traditional way that is called SAC.

Most popular drink province is Rakija and Red & White Wine that are produced by the Pogradec people. These drinks are easily found on every bar and restaurant in the city.


Overall Rating
  • Meri Dishnica

    Attending this festival was an amazing experience — excellent organization, outstanding selection of films, hospitality and entertainment. Good vibes!

    August 2022
  • Thanks for having our movie as part of this amazing festival!

    August 2022
  • Marios Rigas

    Happy to have been a part of this beautiful, well organised festival!

    July 2022
  • Amazing festival with rich culture and diversity. I'm very honored to have my film be a part of it.

    July 2022
  • I’m very happy to be part of this wonderful film festival in Pogradec! All the staff and jury are very nice 😍😍

    July 2022