I tell stories for my sanity. Read at your own risk.
Azrael grew up in Hawaii writing X-Men fanfic with crayons. Fiction was his first love. After his queer novel was published in 2012, he stumbled onto a film set and fell in love. Obsessed with screenwriting and producing his own work, he started collaborating with students and newly grads. He earned a degree in Creative Writing while studying Art of Film and Art of Theatre. He later earned a certificate in Multimedia. His true education comes from his life lessons. Azrael's experiences have brought him from ex-gay therapy to the steps of the Capitol. From Narcotics Anonymous to psych wards, from Ouija board seances to Indigenous ceremony. From the women's restroom to the men's and all the spaces in-between. Azrael now considers himself a jack-of-all mediums, eager to work with the masters. He's currently completing a documentary called "Why Am I Trans?" and in the process of co-founding a nonprofit studio, SkyCave Productions, whose mission is to tell stories with sociological value and to funnel proceeds directly to communities in need. Azrael is an ambivert known to hermit in some seasons, and come out to mingle in others.
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Birth Date
December 18, 1981
Birth City
Honolulu, HI
Current City
Pahoa, HI
Waipahu, HI
Ilokano-Filipino, Borikua-Taino
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Married To
Alethia Torres
one dog named Birde
I tell stories for my sanity. Read at your own risk.
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