Avalonia Festival II is now accepting submissions of short films, teasers, trailers, film photography and film posters for our second live festival on Friday night, April 20, 7pm at the historic Rhodywood Studios in Providence, RI with a concurrent online website to showcase our winners. In addition to many traditional and unique genres to enter your film in; including Drama, Comedy, Doc, Feline, Canine, Vampire, and Classic Horror Monster!

Yes, in honor of our event date, we have several special categories for "4:20" based films exclusive for Avalonia Festival II.

Avalonia Festival is named in honor of a continent lost is the mists of time, as if dissipated by magic; thus we are here to celebrate the unique Art of our own world of creation.

Awards will be awarded in several genres with three distinct run-time guidelines of 11 minutes , 180 seconds (3 minutes) and 1 minute.

The unique genre of “ThoughtCrime” , named in honor of George Orwell’s classic 1984, will highlight films with a political bite or satirical edge.

Chosen filmmakers will retain 100% of all rights and ownership to their films and materials of course!

Awards & Prizes

As a filmmaker himself, the festival Director is highly conscious to offer truth in advertising and a fair opportunity to his fellow creative filmmakers.

All winning films will be screened on April 20, 2018, from 7pm until close at Rhodywood Studios for a wonderful event with complimentary snacks, beverages, and surprises hosted by Avalonia Festival. Filmmakers, their friends and family are encouraged to join us, although they are responsible for their own travel expenses.

Filmmakers and their guests will be put on the guest list for the event. Attending filmmakers will be offered the opportunity to introduce themselves, discuss their work in a Q and A with the audience and network with those attending.

The chosen works, as agreed upon by the filmmaker , will be celebrated by being shared on our webpage and in our Circle of Champions https://distancefromavalon.com/avalonia-awards/

Winning filmmakers will also be emailed complimentary, nicely designed Avalonia Festival Award Certificates that can be printed for home display and/or shared on-line. (We will send each winning filmmaker both PDFs and JPGs of their corresponding Award Certificates.)

With the possible exception of a tie, there will be only one Award Winner in each division of Genre and Run Time so each accolade will be prestigious.

Rules & Terms

By entering Avalonia Festival, you agree to have your actual short film shared via your youtube or vimeo link on our website that you provide us IF you win in your category UNLESS you have told us in advance you would prefer us to NOT share your work in the event that you win. As an alternative, you MAY instead share a clip or a teaser of your film if you win a category in order to still promote your work. PLEASE LET US know upon ENTERING your preference if your film Wins an Award!

Filmmakers retain all rights to their films of course and may have their film removed from our site at any time, either by emailing us or taking down the link yourself.

Films with dialogue spoken in English or sub-titled in English are preferred. However, films that are more visually based that do not rely very much on dialogue may be submitted in their native language without English sub-titles.

14 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Teo Jansen

    This is a great festival and is still growing up! I'm very thankful with the organization and all the kind attentions we received.

    December 2017
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    Lars Kollros

    I could not attend but it seems to be a very nice festival and we had a very nice communication.

    December 2017
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    Henry Gravelle

    Great experience submitting to Avalonia especially after learning "Captains monologue" from my screenplay Der Vordere Platz, had won First Place in the one person monologue competition. Highly recommend!

    December 2017
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    Bo Bigelow

    Such a great festival! Mike is great with communication, and awesome to work with! Would definitely recommend!

    December 2017
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    Anne Murray

    An excellent festival with great communication and venue as well as a stellar website!

    December 2017