Once again, we are proud to be a FilmFreeway Top 100 Ranked Festival with a PERFECT 5 STAR RATING from reviewing filmmakers after our first three fun and free live events and filmmaker-honoring webpages!

Go to the home page on our website (hyperlinked on the left side-bar) or copy and paste the below URLs to experience Avalonia Festival I, II, and III to see how we HONOR, CELEBRATE & PROMOTE our Winning Avalonia Filmmakers:


Our LIVE EVENT, after three successful events in New England, is moving to " ABET" - All Beaches Experimental Theater on Neptune Beach in Jacksonville, Florida, USA ! The free event for filmmakers, their guests, general audiences and invited film industry VIPS is scheduled for December 8, 2019 at 2pm (Jim Morrison's Birthday!)


This is the mantra of Avalonia Festival , a film festival you can trust ! Low entry fees and a website that actually HONORS, CELEBRATES and PROMOTES you and your work as a filmmaker, photographer and Actor! Check out our websites for the prior three festivals (Dec 2017, April 2018 and Dec 2018) and see why we we were named a FilmFreeway Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festival several times!

Our website aims to promote our festival's winners! We know that most filmmakers cannot travel to make all the festivals they are accepted into; so we make our jam packed website an INTERACTIVE experience for the filmmaker and their fans! When every Avalonia Filmmaker sends their fans to our website, they are exposing EVERY OTHER WINNING FILMMAKER to new film fans and connections! Compare our website to any other festival and see that we earn your entry fees!

Many films (or their teasers or stills) are right on our website! Our concentration is on short films and this year we're raising the maximum time in most categories to 21 minutes and under ! Films 3 minutes or 1 minute or less in duration get additional savings on entry fees! Some categories like Web-Series and TV Series have longer run time cut-off and for longer films YOU MAY ENTER a "clip" , "preview" or "scene" in any category you feel is appropriate for your work.

STUDENTS: Use PromoCode " AvaloniaStudent " for 15 % off your entry fees!
Any Student currently enrolled or recently graduated in high school, college, university, film school or trade school quality as "student status". Please make a note about your status in your submission cover letter.

In addition to many traditional and unique genres to enter your film in; including Drama, Comedy, Doc, Feline, Canine, Vampire, and Romantic Comedy. Our ThoughtCrime category has proven to be very resonant with today's edgier filmmakers. Special Award Recognition has also been given to films which stand out.

Here is our youtube page with video from the Avalonia Festival I and II Live Events at our original location of Rhodywood Studios.

Here is an interview about Avalonia Festival:

Avalonia Festival is named in honor of a continent lost is the mists of time, as if dissipated by magic; thus we are here to celebrate the unique Art of our own world of creation.

Did you get to the end of this description? If you did, and you are reading this, use PROMO CODE: AF4 as a special promo code for the first four entries to use it tonight! ... this offer will stand for a limited time!

As a filmmaker himself, the festival Director is highly conscious to offer truth in advertising and a fair opportunity to his fellow creative filmmakers.

A selection of winning films and teasers have been screened to enthusiastic audiences at our first three live events! The fourth event, at a beautiful venue on Neptune Beach in Jacksonville, Florida is on JIM MORRISON'S BIRTHDAY, December 8, and you know it's going to be a party!

The chosen works, as agreed upon by the filmmaker , will be celebrated by being shared on our webpage

Winning filmmakers will also be emailed complimentary, nicely designed Avalonia Festival Award similar to the Award you see for Avalonia Festival III !

With the possible exception of a tie, there will be only one Award Winner in each division of Genre and Run Time so each accolade will be prestigious!

We do NOT accept "each and every film that has been submitted!" THIS IS A COMPETITIVE FILM FESTIVAL! Only FILMS that actually win an Award are put on our website and promoted! We've had many great films submitted that have not won, because, quite simply there are MANY awesome filmmakers and artists who have entered our festival and we appreciate your support!

If your film is accepted into Avalonia Festival that means you are an OFFICIAL AVALONIA FESTIVAL WINNING FILMMAKER and/or PHOTOGRAPHER/ ARTIST!

At times, special recognition Awards are created for Avalonia Filmmakers whose works may prove to be excellent yet fall outside our genres. Film is a subjective and always changing medium and our festival Awards aim to represent both tradition AND progress.

Check out our web-pages and see that Avalonia Festival is a festival FOR filmmakers BY a filmmaker; we are looking to support your work and GROW your audience.

These are the links that represent Avalonia Festival I, II, and III :


By entering Avalonia Festival, you agree to have your actual short film shared via your youtube or vimeo link on our website that you provide us IF you win in your category UNLESS you have told us in advance you would prefer us to NOT share your work in the event that you win. As an alternative, you MAY instead share a clip or a teaser of your film if you win a category in order to still promote your work. PLEASE LET US know upon ENTERING your preference if your film Wins an Award!

Filmmakers retain all rights to their films of course and may have their film removed from our site at any time, either by emailing us or taking down the link yourself.

Films with dialogue spoken in English or sub-titled in English are preferred. However, films that are more visually based that do not rely very much on dialogue may be submitted in their native language without English sub-titles.

Overall Rating
  • Geetanjali Chopra Kapoor

    Excellent communication and motivation for young Filmmakers!! How I wish I could be there at the festival in person and meet Mike and his great team. Its so evident how well managed and judiciously thought out selection and screening has been done.It made this festival so wonderful, which will grow each year by leaps and bounds!
    So Glad we participated!

    January 2019
    Response from festival:

    thank you very much for your kind review and sharing the important message of your work DUMP THE JUNK, about the dangers of junk food , with us!

  • This is where your talent is truly recognized, nurtured and inspired

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    thank you very much for your support, Lena! - MIKE

  • Andrew Grossberg

    I am really glad that I entered Avalonia Film Festival and can see why it's a Top 100. The options and categories for talents and genres are limitless in creativity and the festival picks excellent selections. Mike and the whole team want the filmmakers to succeed and they are great communicators and people overall. I really felt inspired by this film Avalonia and supported. Any good, honest hardworking filmmaker deserves to feel that. Thank you!

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    Andrew, glad to have you part of the Avalonia Family! You've got a great spirit and the heart of a warrior ! - MIKE

  • Lisa Stock

    Honored to be part of this festival. They have a great mission and the communication is personable and fun. They are true film people!

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    thank you very much , Lisa! Glad to have you as part of the Avalonia World! - MIKE

  • Damian Draven

    Wish I could of been there but they have been very great in communication.

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    thanks Damian, your movie is excellent!