Avalonia Festival of Short Films etc. is an international competition with a variety of genres for every filmmaker. Our genres have three "run time" divisions for Shorts (21 minutes & under), "180" (3 minutes & under), and 1-minute movies. The shorter your film and the earlier you enter, the lower your entry fee! You may enter your project into more than one category and you may enter as many projects as you wish (each project must be entered separately, of course!)

HONOR. CELEBRATE. PROMOTE. This is the mantra of Avalonia Festival, a film festival you can trust! Low entry fees and a website that actually HONORS, CELEBRATES, and PROMOTES you and your work as a filmmaker, photographer, and Actor!


On November 6, 2021, we returned to Jacksonville, Florida for Avalonia Festival VI. You can see photos and videos from the event here:

On November 5, 2022, we returned to Jacksonville's LionShare CoWork Auditorium for our Avalonia Festival VII Live Event. You can see the Award Winners here and photos and videos from the event once it occurs:

Photos & videos from Avalonia Festival V in Ormond Beach, Florida on November 7, 2020 are here:

For Avalonia Festival V, we were very pleased to go "on with the show" and have a safe and fun Live Event despite the worldwide circumstances that caused many events to be canceled worldwide!


We aim to help our Award Winners add resume-building Award credentials that are shared and celebrated through our website, social media outlets, and our annual Live Events. For those with projects accepted, we encourage you to share the word that you are part of the Avalonia Festival community.

We believe in Avalonia.

We believe in Excellence in Artistry.

We believe in YOU; the Independent Filmmaker and Artist.


Go to the home page on our website (hyperlinked on the left side-bar) or copy and paste the below URLs to experience Avalonia Festival I, II, III, IV & V to see how we HONOR, CELEBRATE & PROMOTE our Winning Avalonia Filmmakers Etc (and how we've since added separate festivals for Theater and Photography!)

Avalonia Festival IV, December 8, 2019, from All Beaches Experimental Theatre in Neptune Beach, Florida, USA

Avalonia Festival III, December 7, 2018, from Courthouse Center for the Arts in West Kingston, Rhode Island, USA (near the University of Rhode Island)

Avalonia Festival II April 20, 2018 from Rhodywood Studios, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

**We had two Avalonia Festivals in 2018 before landing on our annual format.

Avalonia Festival (our first event) December 7, 2017, from Rhodywood Studios, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Our Circle of Champions (a collection of graphics from some of our Award Winners)

Our new "APC" - Avalonia Photography Competition

Check out our video here about our great home venue:


HONOR. CELEBRATE. PROMOTE. This is the mantra of Avalonia Festival, a film festival you can trust! Low entry fees and a website that actually HONORS, CELEBRATES, and PROMOTES you and your work as a filmmaker, photographer, and/or Actor!

Our web pages aim to promote our festival's winners! We know that most filmmakers cannot travel to make all the festivals they are accepted into; so we make our jam-packed website an INTERACTIVE experience for the filmmaker and their fans! When every Avalonia Filmmaker sends their fans to our website, they are exposing EVERY OTHER WINNING FILMMAKER to new film fans and connections! Compare our website to any other festival and see that we earn your entry fees!

Many films (or their teasers or stills) are right on our website!

Our concentration is on short films 21 minutes and under!

Films 3 minutes or 1 minute or less in duration get additional savings on entry fees!

Some categories like our Podcast and Web-Series have longer run time cut-offs.

In addition to many traditional and unique genres to enter your film in; including Drama, Comedy, Doc, and Romantic Comedy.

When deemed appropriate, Special Recognition Awards to entering artists have been given out, such as our Avalonia Christiana Carteaux Bannister Award for Civil Service in the Arts.

Recently, we added our Pandemic, Holiday, Family/Children, and Environmental Documentary categories.

This year, we have added TRUE CRIME and DANCE & MOVEMENT categories.

Here is our youtube page with video clips from our previous Live Events

Here's a local news video report on Avalonia Festival IV

Here is an interview about Avalonia Festival, conducted shortly before Avalonia Festival II :

How we got our name AVALONIA:

Avalonia Festival is named in honor of a continent lost is the mists of time, as if dissipated by magic; thus we are here to celebrate the unique Art of our own world of creation, lead by our host Jean La Croix Distance. More from Jean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DXSL7gJDI4

How did our Festival Creator come to the point in life where Avalonia was so important? Discover by watching the informative and fun video "Disregard the Vampire - A Mike Messier Documentary" about indie filmmaking here:

Only FILMS that actually win an Award are put on our website and promoted! We've had many great films submitted that have NOT won an accolade, because, quite simply there are MANY awesome filmmakers and artists who have entered our festival. We appreciate all our entering filmmakers and your support keeps us going strong!

If your film is accepted into Avalonia Festival that means you are an OFFICIAL AVALONIA FESTIVAL WINNING FILMMAKER and/or PHOTOGRAPHER/ ARTIST or ACTOR!

At times, special recognition Awards are created for Avalonia Filmmakers whose works may prove to be excellent yet fall outside our genres. Film is a subjective and always-changing medium and our festival Awards aim to represent both tradition AND progress.

Twice, at Avalonia Festival I and Avalonia Festival V, we have recognized a recipient of our Avalonia Christiana Carteaux Bannister Award for Civil Service in the Arts.

Check out our web pages and see that Avalonia Festival is a festival FOR filmmakers BY filmmakers; we are looking to support your work and GROW your audience.

Meet our Judge Kazuya Ashizawa, who went from being an Avalonia Award-Winning filmmaker to a respected member of our team and judging committee: https://avaloniafestival.com/kazuya/

STUDENTS: Use promo code " AvaloniaStudent " for 20% off your entry fees!
Any Student currently enrolled or recently graduated in high school, college, university, film school, or trade school quality as "student status". Please make a note about your status in your submission cover letter.

Filmmakers retain all rights to their films of course and may have their films removed from our site at any time, either by emailing us or taking down the link yourself.

Films with dialogue spoken in English or subtitled in English are preferred. However, films that are more visually based that do not rely very much on dialogue may be submitted in their native language WITHOUT English subtitles.

Yes, non-English films CAN and DO win Awards in Avalonia Festival; in fact, our Avalonia Festival V Best One Actress Monologue or Movie came to us in its native language from Spain!

ABOUT OUR "CUSTOM" Entry Question you'll see upon entering:

By entering Avalonia Festival, you agree to have your actual short film shared via your youtube or vimeo link on our website that you provide us IF you win in your category unless you have told us in advance you would prefer us to NOT share your work in the event that you win. As an alternative, you MAY instead share a clip or a teaser of your film if you win a category in order to still promote your work. PLEASE LET US know upon entering your preference in the event your project Wins an Award!

Overall Rating
  • We are honoured to be part of Avalonia Festival. Thanks you so much for you welcome. Keep on blowing !

    March 2023
  • Brit Tobin

    I am ecstatic! This festival has done wonders for my film. Thank you so much for selecting us! Definitely recommend Avalonia Festival.

    January 2023
  • Thank you for having a place for "It's Sunny Outside" and to walk away with best Florida short film was an added bonus. I love your passion you have for film, your communication and we appreciate all your time and hard work, thank you again!!

    November 2022
  • Thank you, Avalonia Festival of Short Films, for honoring "Don't Give Up" public service announcement for suicide prevention with the Best Music Video in the 1 minute category. Your recognition helps "Don't Give Up" do its healing work.

    November 2022
  • Donna Guthrie

    Well organized with good communications with filmmakers.

    November 2022