About us:

Welcome to the Austin International Art Festival page, an online IMDB qualified awards event. This is a festival for both short and featured films. We accept films from all over the world, from American filmmakers and international ones. The main criterion for participating in the festival is artistic criteria and merits. We hope to provide a suitable environment for the introduction of short films and feature films.

The festival believes that many films are produced in today's world, and many of these films want to know of their outcome as soon as possible. With this in mind, our program will be held monthly. The monthly festival is held in the form of an online award festival, which means that the works are reviewed and evaluated "privately" by the jury, and finally, the jury announces the best result. If they want, monthly winners can request a public online screening. We do also promote our winners through our social media and issue certificates for our winners. We do have an annual online l event as well. Once a year, few selected films will be chosen from all monthly winners and broadcast in an online platform. The jury of the above festival has been chosen from the expert members of cinema, from the university environment, from the working and professional background of cinema and the well-known cinema distributors.

We do believe our structure is the best answer to the reality of contemporary filmmaking. It allows the filmmaker to be informed of his work's result in the shortest time possible and enables them to provide a more suitable and timely platform for advertising and promoting the film.

Awards & Prizes
For Long Feature Films:

Best Us Feature Film
Best International Feature film
Best Us Documentary Film
Best International Documentary Film
Best Director in a Long Feature Film
Best Women Filmmaker in a Long Feature Film
Best First-time Filmmaker in a Long Feature Film
Best Actor in a Long Feature Film
Best Actress in a Long Feature Film
Best Music in a Feature Film
Best Editing in a Feature Film
Best Cinematography in a Feature Film
Best Script in a Feature Film
For Short Films:
Best Us Narrative Short
Best International Narrative Short
Best Us Documentary Short
Best International Documentary Short
Best Us Experimental Short
Best International Experimental Short
Best Micro Short
Best Erotic Short
Best Music Video
Best High-school Level Short
Best Advertising
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Child Actor/Actress
Best Script
Best Cinematographer
Best Editor
Best Music
Best Poster
Best Trailer
Best Animation
Best Music Video
Best Women Empowerment Short
Best Women filmmaker in Short
Best Student Short
Best First-time Filmmaker Short
Best Social Justice Short Film
Best Horror Short
Best Comedy Short
Best Family Short
Best Erotic Short
Best War Short
Best History Short
Best Thriller Short
Best Web Series/ Tv Pilot

Rules and regulations:
1. We select films for the Festival that have been made since 2016.
2. For short films, the maximum time is 40 minutes.
3. Micro-short film is considered a film that is less than 5 minutes.
4. By sending the film to our Festival, the filmmaker undertakes to have all the film's rights and present it in the festival environment.
5. If you register for the Festival, your money will be non-refundable.
6. The Festival has complete independence and freedom in choosing films. If a movie is selected, the Festival office will contact the entrant by phone or email. The Festival does not provide feedback or screening notes to entries that are not selected.
7. This Festival is held voluntarily by a group of volunteers. Its members' goal is to respond to filmmakers in the shortest possible time within a maximum of three days.
8. We accept films of all genres.
9. Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted. A separate submission and a separate entry fee must accompany each entry.
10. All entries must be either in English or subtitled in English. Dialogue lists are not accepted.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for the possibility to be a part of the festival

    September 2021
  • Very professional festival !!!!
    I recommend it !

    September 2021
  • Lawrence Doc Hollywood McMichael L&S Film Productions, LLC

    I’m a truly grateful to be apart of this festival! Nice people nice atmosphere! Very hands on with details about win results for participating filmmakers!

    September 2021
  • Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this festival!

    September 2021
  • Stephen Sorrentino

    Honestly, the best of the best!!! We had a great experience. Thank you Austin international film Festival 🎥 ❤️

    September 2021