AURORA Film Festival moving towards 2024. Aurora is a micro festival but still a dedicated venture that wants to support independent, original cinema and introducing it to new, non-technical public.
Since 2020 we are welcoming movies that have a narrative base, (we are afraid there is no documentary section) or a poetic content.

So, send us YOUR FICTION MOVIE, music videoclip, animation or Mock-umentary with ENGLISH EDITABLE SUBTITLES (we will screen selected movies with italian translation offered by the Festival as a complimentary service) ^^

Aurora for us mean new beginning, starting from scratch, going forward and leaving the known for the unknown. That is how we see filmmaking as a form of art, regardless of budget, and sometime also of what is commonly called "quality standards". We seek magic.
We are inviting creators of underground, under-known, rough movies, low Budget, analog format, short, long community project, poetic ventures, music trips... they must tell us about an imaginative story, a fantastic scenario, a fresh and unseen way to see the world.
PLEASE be aware, our Festival is no budget venture and we do not have any means of accommodation facilities in place for our visitors.

THE LOCATION: San Potito Sannitico has a long lasting love for the moving image, hosting creators in many occasions, being itself the stage for short and long independent movies. Ex Cinema ARENA AURORA is an open air local cinema set up in the late '50 by Mr. Antonio Iannito, closed permanently in '76 a re-opend occasionally for special event like AURORA FF.
MOREOVER, we are running series of side events called AURORA OFF, where sometime unselected and selected movies find a second chance to be screened in a program that has different theme or focus, SO DO NOT GIVE UP IN CASE OF NO SELECTION; THERE STILL COULD BE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SCREENING AT AURORA OFF.

Directors are going to be notified with reasonable advance of the possibility of screening their movies in side events thoughout the year even if they were not in the selection of the main summer festival.

We will watch every submission. Films will carefully be selected upon our expectation, but we are sure all entries will be seriously good.

There will be NO AWARDS during the Aurora Film Festival, but there might be some SPECIAL MENTIONS , upon organisers' decision and audience response

PLEASE read carefully.
Aurora FF is a NON - COMPETITIVE setting this means that:

NO BEST OF in our Festival, but a selection of works based of CURATORIAL choice to design a unique composition and visual journey, therefore:

InternationalMovies notified as FINALIST will be screened during the event WITH ITALIAN SUBTITLES, so please send us english editable subtitles if you want us to offer the translation to you.

Some Movies notified as SELECTED BUT NOT FINALISTS will be offered covering in our social media and the possibility to be inserted in future side events under the titled of AURORA OFF. This decision was made in order to give a chance to movies that are not, in present time, fitting to the design of the program but, at the same time, are considered worthy a mention and a possibility to find place in other occasions. Aurora' Team will contact you in advance to enquire about your interest in this option.

AAA All right to showing the movies must belong to the directors . As Aurora FF can only deal with soundtrack rights.

Sections @ Aurora are:

Italian shorts
International shorts
italian animation
international animation
Fantastic Feature
music world

All rights must be belonging to the directors.
Excepted for soundtracks, the Festival do not deal with production rights.
So applicants will be invited to send release for the date of the screenings, thank you.
For what the Long features and featurettes, authors will have to either send their work via WeTransfer or via post mail.
International movies have necessarily to dispose of Italian of English subtitling included in the movie file, thank you.

Overall Rating
  • Louis Salvatore Bellanti

    Très bon festival avec des organisateurs à l'écoute des cinéastes. Un festival que je recommande à tous mes amis réalisateurs.

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    thank you Louis your Arrivederci Paris deserves plenty of viewers it was so witty and humorous!

  • Bellissima location.
    Accoglienza e gentilezza
    w l'Aurora film festival

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Grazie Antonio è stato un piacere per tutti vedere e mostrare il vostro Un uomo di notte!

  • I wasn't able to attend in person, but this festival made me feel like I was right there. They are great communicators and published a wonderful review of my film with my poster on their Facebook page.

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Dawn your For the Skeptical was important to shaw and to view, we really appreciated the translation of your lyrics that made non english speaking parts of the audience fully engaged with the message apart from the undeniable quality of the work!

  • Very good contact with the festival team. They were pretty avalaible and friendly.
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to screen our short in Italy!

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Super thanks for being with us and providing us with your precious artwork

  • Johanna Failer

    I am very grateful to bee part of this carefully curated and well organized festival. The communication was great and I am just very sorry to not have able to be there in person and enjoy the other great shortfilms in this years edition. Thank you again for the selection!

    August 2022
    Response from festival:

    just an honour to have you with us !