A 3-day gathering of fashion filmmakers.
14-16 February 2020 in Athens.

A cultural meeting for cinematographers, fashion designers, creative directors, visual artists, advertising agencies, production companies, brands, fashion companies, fashion-model agencies, actors, scriptwriters, journalists, VIPs, celebrities, bloggers, independent, producers, TV channels, schools of art / fashion / audio-visual studies, art curators, artists, collectors, NGO (ethical-sustainable fashion) as well as fashion and cinema enthusiasts.

For the 2020 theme Athens FFF recites Dostoevsky:
"Beauty Will Save The World"

There are, in total, 14 prizes to be awarded in the 2nd edition of Athens FFF. The winners are decided by the 9-member jury of the festival.

- Athens FFF is a fashion film festival. Its program is open to fashion films, non-fiction works on the subject matter, shorts with a strong fashion element, even works that influenced fashion in any given way.
- The call for entries for the 2nd Athens FFF will be running from the 3rd of October 2019 to the 20th of December 2019. Films submitted after the deadline expiration will be disqualified.
- Eligible are only considered works completed from the 1st of January 2018 onwards.
- There is no registration fee, submission is free and there is no limit in works submitted per applicant.
- Athens FFF bears no liability for any loss or damage of the audiovisual and other material submitted by film applicants, may not request any entry fees from them and may not pay any screening fees to any film participant.
- Films of racist, pedophile or other content, offending human dignity or supporting any discrimination against individuals or groups of people based “on racial or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation” as well as films violating any third parties lawful rights including Intellectual Property rights are not eligible for participation in the Festival.

With the submission of any film to Athens FFF, the legal rights holders unconditionally accept the terms of present and allow the use of excerpts or the entire film by the organizers for publicity and archive purposes of the Festival only. Any other use of the film is subject to the rigths holder(s).

Overall Rating
  • Niccolò Montanari

    Great first edition. Couldn't personally attend, but we had a few films selected as part of their programme and were able to follow the event via their social media accounts. Looking forward to the next edition!

    March 2019