Arte e Libertà
International Short Film Festival 2023

Date and Place of venue: Pisa - April 2023

Further screenings in events organized by associations and partners of the project.

We welcome you to Arte e Libertà - International Short Film Festival, where all forms of art are free: free to exist, express and communicate, even through a screen.

1. Best animated film
2. Best Experimental Film / Video Art
3. Best ARTeasers
4. Best Film of Cinecirco / Cinecirco itinerante
5. Best Circus and Opera Territory
6. Best performer

Art. 1 Who can participate:
Film on the theme of Art and Freedom - addressing social issues through art and creativity.
In particular, works that address social issues through the language of the clown and circus theater will be welcomed.

Works already presented in other Italian or foreign events can participate.

All works must be subtitled in English (including works in English language).

Art. 2- Competitive sections of the Competition:

1. Animation
2. Experimental / video art
3. ARTeaserS
4. Cinecirco / Cinecirco itinerante
5. Circus and Territory

The ARTeaserS section refers to short films that tell the show or the performance of an artist or a festival.
The Cinecirco / Cinecirco itinerante section refers to works that put the circus at the center of the narrative and that can foresee interactions between the planned work and the circus performances (fixed and / or itinerant), to be realized on site as part of the narration itself of the Opera.
The Circus and Territory section refers to works that highlight the territory in an identity key and its peculiar communities, with the circus as an instrument of social cohesion.

Art.3 Duration of the Works:

from 0 to 15 minutes

Art. 4 Awards:

1. Best animated film
2. Best Experimental Film / Video Art
3. Best ARTeasers
4. Best Film of Cinecirco / Cinecirco itinerante
5. Best Circus and Opera Territory
6. Best performer

Art. 5 How to participate:

To be part of the Festival it is necessary to register the film suitable for the criteria of this announcement through the platform.

The artistic direction reserves the right to invite films of particular artistic value.

Together with the film it is necessary to present the following documentation:
1. A copy of the film for screening must be available on the platform chosen for registration
2. Brief synopsis
3. English subtitles files for all works (.srt format)
4. Labor Manifesto (.jpeg format)
5. Photo of the author or of the group / association (.jpg format)
6. Still photo of the film (.jpg format)
7. Author or group / association profile

Art. 6 Registration terms:

Early bird deadline: November 30, 2022
Regular deadline: December 30, 2022
Extended deadline: February 15, 2022

Art. 7 Registration costs:

Free / No registration fee

Art. 8

When registering the film for the festival, the author declares:
1. I have read, understood and fully complied with all eligibility information, registration rules, conditions and requirements;
2. As far as I know, all the information I entered during the registration of the work is true;
3. This work is not subject to any controversy, nor is it threatened by any litigation;
4. I am duly authorized to present this work at the festival;
5. I declare that I have the full right to use the music in the work I have inserted;
6. I authorize the use of still images, titles, copies and / or information from the film for promotional purposes;
7. I authorize the screening of the film directly on the platforms to the artistic commissions and juries appointed by the festival organization, including popular juries;
8. I authorize the screening of the film at Arte e Libertà - International Film Festival, including participations and / or presentations at festivals twinned with joint projects organized by the project partners, whose dates and programs will be communicated from time to time, the participation in collateral and promotional events anywhere in the world as long as they are organized, participated and / or authorized by the organization of the festival or its partners;
9. Specific clause for the periods connected to the Covid-19 emergency: in case of transfer of the screenings of the works and / or of the entire Festival on Online Platforms and / or Television Networks, the authors grant the right to screen only and exclusively during the duration of the Festival, including streaming, live or deferred transmission, as long as it is also protected with the Festival watermark or the logo of the Television Network overprinted during the screenings, with legal warnings for embezzlement and / or abusive copies. In the event that this clause is deemed incongruous, the director and / or distributor are required to make a written report for any adjustments.

Attention: We do not pay screening fees for screenings during festivals, programs or promotional events organized by us to promote the film and whoever conceived or directed it.
If the film-maker and / or the authors and / or distribution agencies require any payment for the screening, the work will not be accepted.
Attention: Additional authorization to grant the vision to the partners of the Arte e Libertà Project.