International Poetry Film Festival founded in 2013. The festival is dedicated to all genres of poetry short films. experimentals, schrift films, animations and essay films. Main competition for German speaking countries. International competition after a given festival poem. In addition curated side program with international films, readings & lectures. The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival will take place November 14 - 17, 2023 at Künstlerhaus Vienna.



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- We are looking for literary short films in the genre "poetry film"
(length: 2-20 min maximum)

- The main poetry film competition "AWARD GERMAN SPEAKING COUNTRIES" is dedicated to German speaking countries only. We accept films back to 10 years (production year 2013). German language is wanted, but not requested. English or German subtitles are required. Please check carefully, if you can meet this criteria!
We take films up to 20 min.

- The second poetry film competition "SPECIAL AWARD" is dedicated to a given festival poem. All films have to use this poem. You can download the poem as a recording for free from the festival homepage For the SPECIAL AWARD we accept entries from all over the world. Film length up to 20 min.

- The third poetry film competition " POETRY PERFORMANCE FILM AWARD" is new and curated by Katharina Wenty. The competition is announced internationally and includes poetry films with dance, poetry films from the performance/acting field as well as performance poetry films from visual arts, spoken word and poetry slam. Length up to 7 min.

- Do not send us any films, which have been already submitted to us previously.

Please remember that this is a POETRY Film Festival! We are only looking for literary art and poetry films. Check more details about the film format e.g. at

Overall Rating
  • malcolm barrett

    Really pleased to have my short 'La Luna' selected for the International category especially as the poem was both challenging and stimulating. I will certainly submit again if I can.

    December 2023
  • Erika THOMAS

    Amazing festival! One of the best! I fell so proud and honored to have my video-art "May Peace Be With You" in this festival! A great opportunity for artists and poets! Great communication, great audiance, wonderfull place: bravo!!!

    November 2023
  • Jim Hall

    The most significant and thoughtful Film Poetry Festival on the planet! Would you expect any less from Vienna? Sigrun and Hubert curate and host this event with such Love and Joy for the Arts. Support this festival with all your Heart. They open their arms every two years to uplift and welcome the World to Wien. And, we are all made better from their Artistic Stewardship!

    December 2021
  • YUTING Cai

    As one of the award winner of this film festival, everything for me is amazing. They organise the physical screening rather than just virtual. As the second large poetry film festival, I hope this festival could keep active in the future.

    November 2021
  • Giorgis Fotopoulos

    The festival director is a poet herself and thus the crucial bridge between the films and the audience. She does this with great passion and utmost professionalism. This way, one can make important acquaintances and receive ideas at the festival even after the screenings. May this festival continue to grow and become better known.

    November 2021