Arabesque Film Festival is a showcase for the best in Arabic film and culture, highlighting the breadth and diversity of the Arab world and providing a voice for Arab filmmakers throughout the world. It runs by Arabesque is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organization (registration number SC049266).
The aim of the festival is to provide audiences with access to an area of film under-represented in Scotland and to create a deeper understanding of the themes and issues of the Arab world.

Award Certification for each winner.

The Arabesque Film Festival's Film Charity Award seeks to honor films that exemplify a commitment to social responsibility and advocacy through compelling storytelling. To be considered for this prestigious award, submitted films must meet specific criteria that center around themes of giving, human rights, and helping people.

1. *Narrative Focus on Giving:* The submitted film should prominently feature a narrative that revolves around the concept of giving back to society. This could include acts of generosity, selflessness, and compassion that inspire positive change in the lives of individuals or communities.

2. *Human Rights Advocacy:* Films eligible for this award must address pressing human rights issues, shedding light on topics such as social justice, equality, freedom, and dignity. The narrative should convey a strong message that encourages viewers to reflect upon the significance of upholding human rights.

3. *Impactful Storytelling:* The film's storytelling approach should be compelling and emotionally resonant, effectively conveying the challenges faced by individuals or communities and the transformative power of compassion and assistance. Engaging characters, well-crafted dialogue, and a thought-provoking narrative arc are essential.

4. *Authentic Representation:* Submissions should showcase an authentic representation of diverse cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. This diversity should contribute to a rich tapestry of experiences that underscore the universality of human kindness and the fight for human rights.

5. *Inspiration and Empowerment:* The film should inspire viewers to take action or foster a sense of empowerment, emphasizing that every individual has the capacity to contribute positively to society and make a difference in the lives of others.

6. *Educational Value:* Films submitted for consideration should provide educational insights into the issues at hand, helping to raise awareness and promote a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized or disadvantaged communities.

7. *Artistic Excellence:* While the themes of giving, human rights, and helping people are of paramount importance, the film's overall quality and artistic execution also play a significant role. Cinematic techniques, direction, cinematography, acting, and sound design should all contribute to a well-crafted and engaging cinematic experience.

The Arabesque Film Festival's Film Charity Award aims to recognize films that not only tell compelling stories but also actively contribute to fostering positive change in society. By adhering to these criteria, filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase the transformative potential of cinema in promoting empathy, understanding, and social progress.