Apulia Film Fest, this year at its first ediction, it is a short movie festival that will be in Mesagne (Italy) in September 2020. We are searching for shortmovies showing passion, courage and quality, especially from young authors.

We have a 1000$ cash prize that will be divided between Best Short, Best Documentary and Best From Apulia (a prize just for authors from Puglia)

We will have a jury composed of professional videomakers and actors.

Best Short (500$)
Best Documentary (300$)
Best From Apulia (200$)

Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Original Soundtrack

- Movies cannot exceded the maximum lenght of 40'
- Movies can be submitted just with Filmfreeway
- Producer or author, while they apply to the festival, declare the they own all the audio and video copyright regarding the production they are submitting
- Movies in non-italian language must be provided with english or italian subtitles.
- In case of selection, author or producers must provide a copy of the movie with italian subtitles, under the penality of exclusion from the screening events and so the awards. In this case, registration fee won't be refunded