Anthology Film Festival is on a mission to curate a collection of the best independent films, celebrating the raw creativity and diverse voices that shape the global cinematic landscape. Filmmakers and storytellers, get ready to kick things up a notch at the Anthology Film Festival (AFF)! This is where the magic happens, folks – an absolute celebration of independent filmmaking brought to you by the Anthology Institute, a powerhouse of support for visionary creators. Set against the dazzling backdrop of Hollywood's AMC Grove, AFF is your ticket to a 6-day cinematic extravaganza that's all about YOUR films taking the spotlight!

Imagine the buzz as your creation hits the iconic AMC Grove screen, surrounded by the dynamic energy of the indie film community. AFF is not your average fest; it's a platform for your stories to shine. Dive into exclusive screenings, mix and mingle at iconic parties, and soak up industry insights from expert panels right in the heart of the cinematic landscape. But hold on, because AFF is turning up the excitement even more! Picture this: your film, under the critical gaze of our celebrity jury – true luminaries in their field. Competition winners not only walk with prestige of an award but actual cash grants!

AFF transcends geographical boundaries - its a global platform that propels your film onto the international stage. Your story deserves to be heard, and we're here to amplify it. Don't miss out – mark May 14th - 19th on your calendar, submit your film, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled celebration of indie cinema at Anthology Film Festival. Global storytelling through an independent lens!

Anthology Grand Jury Award
Anthology Audience Award
RM Legacy Award: Outstanding Screenplay (women in film award)
RM Legacy Award: Outstanding Performance (women in film award)
Premier Director Award
Premier Screenplay Award
Premier Cinematography Award
Premier Cinematic Performance Award
Premier Ensemble Cast: Feature
Social Impact Award: Feature (Given to an Outstanding Feature with social and cultural impact leading the way for change)

Cash prizes range from $2,500 to $10,000)

Films are ineligible for consideration if they have screened or are planning to screen in the Greater Los Angeles area before AFF. Priority will be given to world premieres, US premieres, and West Coast premieres.

All films must have been completed on or after November 15, 2022, to be eligible for consideration for AFF 2024.

The submission fee is non-refundable.

We require either subtitles or dubbing on any film that is in a language other than English. Subtitles are preferred.