Animated Arizona is a film festival for short animated works. Any film 14 minutes and 59 seconds or shorter that is animated is eligible. Entries can be pure animation, a blend of animation and live action, but not purely live action. Any genre is welcome.

Films must be 14 minutes and 59 seconds or shorter.
Films must be animated or partially animated.
Films must be in English or have English subtitles.
Films must be from filmmakers who love film, animating, and having a good time at a festival.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you to the amazing staff and members involved in the Animated Arizona Film Festival. I was honored, as a first time filmmaker/Director, to be selected for this festival.

    February 2023
    Response from festival:

    We thank you for your film, and kind words, it was an honor to have you in our festival.

  • Great festival. So happy to be a part of it!

    February 2021
  • Emmet O'Brien

    Very much enjoyed this festival and thought their communication and quality were second to none! Roll on next year!

    February 2021
  • Jason Sandri

    Animated Arizona Film Festival is a wonderful and supportive event featuring animators of all sorts, and bringing their work to the public. Thank you for selecting my film, and for embracing animation as an art form.

    January 2020


    Thanks for your notice that my film is nominated for the competiotion – I am very glad about it. Wish you a lot of success and interesting projections.
    Thank you Festival Team.
    Best regards.

    Franc Kopic, Maribor, Slovenia, Europe

    April 2017