The Orbital Sound Anima Cinefest International Animated Film Festival aims to be the ultimate global gathering of original animation storytellers and audiences seeking quality animated entertainment from talented filmmakers. Our annual programming will strive to include dramatic animated shorts, features, and episodic animated content that embraces all animation styles and genre.

Anima Cinefest is an open platform for top tier talent but also supports new and student film-makers, who are just beginning their careers. It is our aim and hope to give them access to film industry professionals who can offer guidance and other forms of career assistance. There is no fee to submit your film.

Your films will be screened on October 18th, 2023 at 7 pm in the Historic Hamilton Movie Theater which also has played host to the Banff Center Mountain Film Festival World Tour, the prestigious Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, and the Slater Brothers Entertainment's Hamilton International Film Festival. The theater has also hosted international and Hollywood directors like Mike Ross, who conducted a screening of his film, Captain Fantastic with a Q&A afterwards. Now it's your turn. Submit your animated film now as spots are limited!

Semi-Finalists, Finalists, and Winners will receive OS Anima Cinefest Laurels.

All WINNERS will receive an official festival certificate with an online verification.

Each film screened will receive a commemorative Theatrical Release Digital Cinema Package (DCP). This prize is valued at $125.00 based on the following film specs: A 10 minute animated film in 2k resolution in a Flat 1.1.85 aspect ratio, non stereoscopic 3D format with a frame rate of 24 fps and a 5.1 surround soundtrack.

In addition, leading up to, during and after the festival, each accepted animated film and filmmaker will be given additional promotional opportunities on our website, and social media advertising and promotional marketing campaigns to help further support both the films and the festival itself. This will also include a two to three page article on you and your film in our monthly digital interactive magazine orbital sound and a full page ad that will run for a year. We will send you a commemorative digital copy to send to your fans and mailing list.

Rules & Terms
The Anima Cinefest animation festival works under the sponsorship of Orbital Sound Pictures.

1. Submissions for the Orbital Sound Anima Cinefest Animation Film Awards is open to animation films beginning May 1, each year
2. All films must be presented in their original language with English subtitles.
3. Films must have been completed after January 1, 2000. Premiere status is not required.
4. Short film entries must not exceed a running time of 40 minutes.
5. Student films and videos must present proper documentation from their academic institution, example: academic ID of the director/producer or a letter of recommendation from an academic adviser or institution. Any films submitted as student films without proper identification will be disqualified in the category.
6. Student films must be submitted no later than two years after graduation.
7. All submitted films and/or videos do not need to submit an entry fee.
8. Please notify OSAC immediately in case of any submission withdrawal.
9. Any changes to the rules will be at OSAC discretion.
10. OSAC can adjust the submission fees or change the promotional price at any time. This has no effect on films that have been submitted before the changes.
11. All entries must be submitted online via FilmFreeway.
12. All submissions are screened and evaluated by OSAC.
13. Criteria for judging is based on creativity of visual images, production quality (irrespective of the cost of production), originality of storytelling and total entertainment value.
14. Submissions will be checked for their eligibility and judged only in their appropriate categories if applicable.
15. All Official Selections will be announced at the OS website, the OSAC web page, as well as online in the OS digital magazine and on OS social media platforms and filmmakers will be notified via Film Freeway and by email.
16. The number of selections and categories are at OSAC's sole discretion.
17. Screening will be held at the Historic Hamilton Movie Theater. Award Ceremony and any other announcements will be made on OSAC’s official website and OS’s social media platforms.
18. Selection:
– NOT SELECTED – unfortunately your film didn’t meet the minimum requirements of the Film Festival. This means don't give up, but try again next year.
– SEMI-FINALIST – your film was selected as the semi-finalist in the category(s) to which it was submitted. The judging status is to all categories. This means your film was under consideration but unfortunately was not selected to be screened. This means don't give up and we look forward to you trying again next year.
– FINALIST – your film was selected as the finalist in the category(s) to which it was submitted The judging status is to all categories. This means your film was selected to be screened. Kudos to you.
– WINNER – your film won the category(s) to which it was submitted and received the Official Selection from the Live Screening. This means your film was screened and you have won an award. Congratulations to you!

This makes the selection process more transparent to all filmmakers and is a guarantee that all kinds of animated films (short, feature, student, dramatic, etc) have equal opportunities to be selected at the Live Screening.

1. Official Selection for each category will receive an OSAC digital certificate with verification and a digital copy of the official OSAC laurel. Each official selection recipient will also receive a commemorative Theatrical Release Digital Cinema Package (DCP).
2. Winner of the ANIMER D'OR is chosen from all official selection categories if applicable.
3. Online winner of the People's Choice award will be juried by popular vote and notified if applicable.
4. Winners will be chosen by Juries composed of in theater audience members and online viewers if applicable. In case of no show or tie, results will be decided by the OSAC festival director for this edition.
5. Other additional award prizes may be given during the ceremony.

1. All official selections are included in the festival program for exhibition.
2. OSAC reserves the right to choose other shortlisted films to be screened in the film festival.
3. The filmmakers and/or production companies must provide OSAC a copy of their films for screening at least 60 working days prior to festival. This is to make sure the festival has enough time to check for any technical concerns that may occur and resolve them prior to the screening.
4. If sending DCPs, the sender is requested to inform OSAC on the means of dispatch and the date of shipment. Postage or shipment costs are the responsibility of the sender. No collect costs are accepted unless authorized by the OSAC. Materials should be sent to OSAC by internet transfer or by post:

Orbital Sound
20 Utica Street
Suite 3, Second Floor
Hamilton, New York 13346

5. All screening formats can be received by participants during the festival screening Please note that at this time the festival does not accept 3D stereoscopic films viewable with the use of 3D glasses.

1. All films must be of standard cinema aspect ratio and resolution (Square Pixels 1.0).
Flat:1.85:1 2K (1998x1080) or 4K (3996x2160) Scope: 2.39:1 2K (2048×858) or 4K
2. HD format is possible, but the filmmakers/producers must give OSAC the rights to re-format it for screening purposes. HD quality digital copy of the film in Quicktime (Pro Res 422) if applicable.
3. H264 (MP4) files can be accepted provided the images are of great quality.

1. OSAC is hereby granted the rights to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted for promotional purposes of the festival.
2. The filmmakers and/or the production company allow OSAC and OS to use their film’s Press Kit for promotional purposes.
3. The submission of any films to the festival means that the filmmakers and/or the production company agree without any reservation to all the rules and regulations of OSAC.