Anibar International Animation Festival is the only animation festival in Kosova, and one of the biggest cultural events in the country. Since the beginning, the festival is organized and held in various settings in the city of Peja.

Anibar screens animated films coming from different places around the world, that in five cinemas, three of them set outdoors. Except for the screening of the films during the festival, Anibar organizes workshops, lectures, masterclasses, debates, presentations, special programs, and additional daily activities (concerts and camping).

Year by year, the festival endeavors screening qualitative films, in both, technical and artistic aspect of the view. The selection of entries is made in accord with criteria deriving from a limited staff of professionals who aim to balance the audience, artistic reviews, and the market.

Anibar has also socially influenced the youth community in Peja, and further, enclosed with the film screenings and other events, before, during and after the festival, a wide group of youngsters is engaged in helping and working with the idea and preparations of the festival, meanwhile they gain an experience which as a matter has been truly acknowledged by a vast support of different local and national institutions (private and public).

- Best International Award
- Best Balkan Award
- Best Student Award
- Best Human Rights Award
- Best Feature Award
- Best Animated Music Video Award
- Best Audience Award

1. Festival
Anibar International Animation Festival, organized by NGO Anibar, will be having its thirteenth (13) edition in Peja, Kosovo. The festival has four cinemas, two of them outdoors, and will be screening approximately 300 films. Besides the film program, the festival organizes workshops, masterclasses, debates, panels, meetings with filmmakers, presentations, special programs, concerts, and pitching sessions. The call for entries will be open until the 31st of March.

2. Film submissions
2.1. There is a fee of 3 dollars to submit your film for consideration to the Anibar International Animation Festival.
2.2. Any animated film or music video, including computer-generated animation and combinations of live-action, that are completed after January 01, 2021, can participate. Films completed prior to January 01, 2021, are not eligible for participation. This rule does not count for Feature Film Competition, in this category we accept films that have been completed in 2020, 2021, and 2022.
2.3. In order to be considered for competition at the Festival, the film must be less than 30 minutes long (including credits). For Feature Film Competition, the film should not exceed 120 minutes (including credits).
2.4. For pre-selection purposes, films or music videos must be submitted through FilmFreeway
2.5. The selection committee will be the only authorized festival staff to have access to the film files.
2.6. All the information required of you from the submission portal should be fulfilled, that being:
• Contact information (name, phone number, and email),
• Credits,
• Specifications,
• Long and short synopsis,
• Screenings and awards,
• Director’s biography and filmography,
• Film stills and poster,
• Dialogue list with time codes (in English).
2.7. All films that are not in the English language should have English subtitling, otherwise, they will not be considered.

3. Competitions and Awards
3.1. Anibar International Animation Festival has a program that contains 8 (eight) different categories where you can submit your film. 7 (seven) of these categories are programs in competition. Submissions of the same film in different categories are accepted, but each submission in different categories has a fee of 3 dollars per category.
3.1.2. Panorama and Experimental Programs will be curated with films that were not included in competition programs. These programs will be non-competitive.
3.1.3. The festival does not include workshop films in competition programs.
3.1.4. The categories and competitions are as follow:
- International Competition (short animated films under 30 minutes, from every country of the world),
- Student Competition (short animated films under 30 minutes that were completed as part of university studies, graduation films included, from every country of the world),
– Balkan Competition (short animated films under 30 minutes, produced in Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey, and Romania),
- Human Rights Competition (short animated films under 30 minutes, from every country of the world),
– Feature Film Competition (feature animated films longer than 30 minutes, from every country of the world),
– Music Video Competition (animated music videos under 10 minutes, from every country of the world),
– Kids and Teen Competition (short films under 30 minutes that are produced for the children audience, from every country of the world)
3.2 For the following seven competition programs, the winning films are rewarded with Anibar Crown and prize money:
– Best International
– Best Balkan
– Best Student
– Best Human Rights
– Best Feature Film
– Best Animated Music Video
– Best Kids&Teen
– Crown for the Audience Award
3.2. Festival staff will decide on the composition of the international and local juries of the competition programs. The juries will decide the awarding of the prizes of the respective competitions.
3.3. The festival has three juries: Grand Jury (responsible for evaluating films for International and Feature Films competitions), Student Jury (responsible for evaluating films for the Student competition and Balkan competition), and The Jury (responsible for evaluating Human Rights and Music Video competition), and the Kids Jury (responsible for evaluating films for the Kids&Teen competition).
3.3.1. None of the jury members may be involved in the production or distribution of any of the films they judge.

4. Selection
4.1 The Selection Committee decides on the selections for the competition and panorama programs.
4.1.2 The committee will decide if films or music videos are accepted based on the following criteria:
* Artistic originality
* Educational impact
* Artistic excellence in story, concept, design, animation, and music.
4.2. All applicants having submitted a film for pre-selection shall be informed prior to the opening of the Festival if his or her film has been selected for participation in the official Festival program.
4.2.2. The Festival is not obligated to supply a reason as to why a film has not been selected as part of the Festival competition.

5. Technicalities after the selection
5.1. All the accepted and rejected films shall be informed about their participation in the festival by the first Friday of May.
5.2. In the event your film gets selected to be part of the competition program, the authorized film distributor is required to send a screening HD file format of the film online. The specifics of the required screening format will be sent together with the email announcing the selection of the film.
5.2.1. All files should be sent digitally, and the due date for all materials is to be set in the official email
5.3. All films in a language other than Albanian will be electronically subtitled Albanian. This service of translating and screening of subtitles will be handled by the Festival.
5.4. All films must be presented in Original Language and must be subtitled in English (if not otherwise specified). Subtitling expenses are the sole responsibility of the film’s Producer.
5.5. The Festival will use all materials cited in Article 2.6 for promotional purposes and in order to compile the Festival catalog. The Festival bears no responsibility for published inaccuracies in the original submission materials.
5.6. The awards ceremony will take place on the last day of the festival If possible, a film representative (the Director or the Producer) of the awarded films shall be present in Peja for the ceremony. If it is not possible for a representative to be present, the Festival will kindly request that he or she makes a short videotaped acceptance speech to be played during the award ceremony in Peja.
5.7. The Festival will invite filmmakers to Peja whose films have been selected for one of the competitive sections for three to five nights and will cover all accommodation expenses for this period. Travel expenses may also be covered for participants with limited funds. (This will be evaluated and determined by Festival staff on an individual basis.)

6. Press and Marketing
6.1. All the images, stills, trailers, making of, and sketches, will be used as promotional material on our social media channels and website.
6.2. If your film gets selected, the festival has a right to use up to 40 seconds of the film/trailer for promotional purposes on Kosovo National TVs, Anibar YouTube Channel, and Anibar Vimeo Channel.
6.3. For the further promotion of your film, you can send printed promotional material of your film to the festival which will be distributed and available for free in our cinemas, information center, media center, and library (posters, flyers, stickers, postcards, buttons).
Mailing address:
Hasan Prishtina NO 73,
Peje, 30000
The Republic of Kosovo.
6.4. For the purpose of populating the archive of the festival, we would kindly ask you to send us a DVD copy of your film together with the promotional material.

7. Jurisdiction
7.1 Once a film has been selected and invited to participate in the Festival, said selected film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program.
7.2 The festival does not pay screening fees for any film in the program, being that short, feature, in competition, panorama, or special program.
7.3. Anibar is entitled to screen any film selected for Anibar Festival competitions in 2022 as part of its non-profit educational activities throughout 2022 and 2021, within programs such as ‘Winners of Anibar 2022” and “Best of Anibar 2022”, without paying any film license fees for these activities.
7.4 In the case of any mail requests, all shipping costs, as well as any charges peripheral to shipping, i.e. Customs duty and/ or clearance, etc., are the sole responsibility of the applicant. Anibar International Animation Festival will cover the cost of the return shipment.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks for letting my film "Chocolate" be selected. I look forward to the end of the epidemic soon so that I can have the opportunity to attend the festival live. Keep safe!

    September 2021
  • Jairo Neto

    Such a beautiful festival! The communication was pristine and very smooth. The attention of the crew with the details is spot on: the graphic design, the event organization, the workshops. I really hope to one day visit you guys!

    August 2021
  • Jesse Nyander

    What a great festival! I was struggling with some things they needed from me, and they took it upon themselves to help get our film in! Thank you for caring about your filmmakers!

    August 2021
  • Thee Khanthavit

    This year is the second time my animation short films have been selected to be part of Kid and Teen program. Although I could not join the festival at Kosovo, I followed the happy moment at there. Especially, the screen at the lagoon! Hope I could be there in the future. Thanks again!

    August 2021
  • Gisela Chicolino

    Exquisite programming criteria. Thanks for selecting our Latin American films!

    August 2021