AniMaji Fest is a physical animation festival that takes place in New York City and welcomes audiences from all over the world. This festival showcases a diverse range of animated films, from timeless classics to cutting-edge new releases. With AniMaji Fest, you can experience the wonder of animation in person and immerse yourself in a vibrant community of animation enthusiasts.
Join us for a celebration of creativity, imagination, and storytelling like no other!

The festival features engaging workshops, insightful panel discussions, and exciting guest appearances, making it the ultimate destination for anyone who loves animation. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable event in New York City. We can't wait to see you there!





Updated: AniMaji 2024 – Rules and Terms

Entry Categories:
AniMaji Festival accepts entries for short animated films in 2D, 3D, Stop Motion, and Student categories.

Entry Requirements:
The following screening formats are eligible for inclusion: H.264.
Technical Requirements:

File extension: .mp4
Video Codec: H.264
Video Frame Rate: 24, 25, 29.97, or 30 fps
Aspect Ratio: Any
Resolution: 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080
Field Dominance: Progressive
Audio: AAC 48 kHz

To be eligible for selection, films must have a duration of 2-10 minutes.

The official languages of the festival are English. Non-English language films must have an English-subtitled screening copy available for selection.

Important Notes:

1.AniMaji Fest will take place at the prestigious Glow Culture Center in New York City. The festival will feature screenings of award-winning animated films in a physical venue for audiences to enjoy the magic of animation on the big screen.

2.In addition to the physical screenings, AniMaji Fest will also offer a streaming platform for selected animations to be enjoyed online. Audiences from all over the world can experience the festival's diverse range of animated films from the comfort of their own homes. With innovative storytelling and stunning visuals, the online platform offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of animation and discover new talent.

3.By submitting to AniMaji Festival, you agree to screen the submitted film during the festival dates.
4.Films that were part of the official selection of a previous edition of the festival may not be re-submitted.

5.By submitting a film to AniMaji Festival, the submitter represents that they have obtained the necessary consent from all owners, creators, writers, producers, and other authorized representatives of the film and have agreed to the terms.

6.The organizing committee will notify the submitter of the film's acceptance status using the contact information provided on the submission form. AniMaji Festival is not responsible for any failure to contact the submitter using the information provided on the form. The submitter is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct.

7.AniMaji Festival is not obligated to provide any comments or feedback regarding the submitted film to the submitter or any other representative of the film.

8.AniMaji Festival does not pay screening fees for submitted films.

9.AniMaji Festival reserves the right to add, alter, change, or delete any portion of the guidelines at any time without notice.

10.Submitting a film implies acceptance of these regulations.

Contact Information:

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: July 31, 2023
Notification Date: August 31, 2023
Event Date: September 30, 2023

Best of luck from AniMaji Festival.

Overall Rating
  • steve chappell

    I had a positive experience participating in this festival. I really wish I’ve been able to attend! The festival organizers, maintain good communication throughout, and I feel honored that Ed Gein’s musical instruments was able to screen with all of the other excellent animated films! I would definitely recommend this festival to other filmmakers.

    October 2023
  • Awesome Festival!, such an honor to be one of the selected Thank you!!!

    September 2023

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    We're absolutely thrilled to read your enthusiastic review! 🌟 Thank you so much for your kind words and for being a part of our festival. It's fans like you who make all the hard work and dedication of our team truly worthwhile.

  • Shih Yin Lee

    I had the absolute pleasure of attending the AniMaji Festival, and it was a delight from start to finish. This festival is a genuine celebration of animation in all its creative glory, and I felt truly honored to have my work selected as part of it.

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    We're thrilled to hear about your experience at the AniMaji Festival! It truly is a celebration of animation in all its creative glory. Your work being selected is a well-deserved honor, and we hope you had a fantastic time enjoying the festival's offerings. Here's to more animated adventures and creative celebrations in the future!

  • I was left feeling very disappointed with the communication from AniMaji Festival. I was so happy to receive an email telling me that my animation had been accepted, only to find out later that only “award” winners will be shown. Seemingly, my acceptance simply meant I can “proudly display the "Official Selection" laurel on (my) animation and any relevant materials, whether they be for commercial purposes or (my) resume.” 😳 perhaps the festival itself was a success, but I wouldn’t know about that.

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Dear David,

    I want to offer my sincerest apologies for any confusion and disappointment you may have felt due to our communication. We understand how mixed messages can be frustrating.

    At AniMaji Festival, we hold immense respect for the creative efforts of all our participants. The "Official Selection" laurel is a testament to the quality and merit of your work, and we hope it serves as a mark of pride for your animation journey.

    To ensure the best experience for our in-person audience, we're only able to screen award-winning films at the venue, as per our festival rules outlined on our website. We regret any oversight in not providing a more detailed explanation when we initially shared the "Official Selection" laurel with you.

    Thank you for your understanding, and for being a part of our festival.

    Warm regards,