***Currently, ASFF is a domestic institution and thus it considers participations which were produced in Greece. We certainly looking forward to constitute an international festival – iASSF – in the upcoming years***

The 2nd ASFF – Andritsaina Short Film Festival will take place in August in the picturesque alpine town of Andritsaina, at the heart of Peloponnese. ASFF constitutes another thrilling initiative by the Youth Association “Parrasioi” – one of the ancient Arcadian tribes – that seeks to bring the art of cinema and short-films, closer to the historical county of Andritsaina-Krestena.

Lots of things can be stated in those few minutes of a short film.

Andritsaina Short Film Festival is wishful to take its audience to a journey through the perspectives, anxieties, thoughts and feelings of artists of all kinds. Thus, ASFF embraces creators who wish to make their first step in film-making, students and trainees, as well as to independent filmmakers and professionals.
The 2nd ASFF will be conducted on mid-August, on the same period as other traditional festivities associated with the Greek rural culture, which are escalated at 15th of August. Certainly, a great time, to visit and meet the historic town of Andritsaina.

The Organizing Committee will end up to a final list of movies through inner voting, which will eventually participate in the screening after extensive consideration and respect to all works.

ASFF follows an audience award format with a non-jury competition. The Organizing Committee will credit the winner-creator with the “Best Film” award.

• Every participant is allowed to submit -one- work to ASFF.
• The winner of the Best Film award will be decided by audience voting. Each viewer will be able to vote up to 3 movies.
• Film length shall not be more than 30 minutes.
• All films submitted should have embedded English subtitles. If the film has English dialog, then both Greek and English subtitles should be embedded.
• Films are registered through FilmFreeway.
• Copy of a film on a digital media and a link for film downloading shall be sent to andritsaina.sff@gmail.com marked with: Film Title, Author, Length.
• Only films that have not been uploaded or displayed to any public platform or website are allowed to be submitted.
• Only films that have not been uploaded or displayed to any public platform or website are allowed to be submitted.