The American Christian Film Festival is a multi-day event with live screenings, workshops and an awards ceremony hosted by Dean Cain!

If accepted, each filmmaker will receive one VIP Weekend Pass ($100 value), a gift bag from our sponsors and a weekend of family friendly entertainment. All official nominees will receive laurels and all winners will receive awards!

Our team is looking forward to reviewing your submissions and seeing you in Bridgeport!

Pictures are from previous events thrown by us!

If accepted, each filmmaker will receive one VIP Weekend Pass ($100 value), a gift bag from our sponsors and a weekend of family friendly entertainment. All official nominees will receive laurels and all winners will receive awards!

Films must have been completed after Jan. 1, 2018

Overall Rating
  • Most unfavorable experience…we felt duped! My film has won top awards from coast to coast, and even in the lack luster festivals I was still able to leave a good review…that was until I attended the ACFF! I confirmed that the awards festival would be on Saturday, when we were to have dinner with Dean Cain. Once confirmed we bought a ticket to the event. Once we arrived to the hotel a hand written sign welcomed everyone. No one was around, so I had to locate the screening room myself. Got settled in the room and went back down to register. There was no signage for ACFF only JCFilms. After registering we didn’t receive our bag from their sponsors as promised….nothing. Nothing seemed to be going as planned. I did wish to get a photo with Dean, only to promote my movie which was hitting DVD and streaming the following week. Therefore, I sent an email to JC the coordinator personally and let him know that I was expecting and requesting that the top 6 finalists get to meet Dean Cain for a photo op…shouldn’t be a problem since we were promised a reception with Dean before the awards banquet…right? Wrong!

    Like other film makers we arrived early, at 6:00 instead of 6:30. We waited one hour…no Dean Cain and no reception! 7:00 banquet time arrived and we were herded into the room to grab a $3.00 meal, the event we had paid $75.00 for. Later Dean was escorted in to answer a few questions at a brief Q&A. He was then escorted out, forbidden to meet him as promised! As JC was exiting he said we were going to be extras in his film, because they need an awards banquet. I was perplexed, I told JC prior I had NO interest in being an extra.

    We thought he would return with Dean afterwards to present the awards, as Dean was labeled the presenter. Nope! The DP yelled that’s a wrap…and it was! No sign of the coordinator anywhere. I went to the car in dismay and unbelief! Did I really just purchase a $75 ticket, film entry fees, and hotel room—just to be duped to be an extra in the film? It seemed so! I wrote asking if they were coming back to announce the awards. No response! I did finally get a reply that just said, “Not yet!” Another email followed in which he said the judges had not finished watching all the films. That told me right there he hosted an awards banquet, had people attend, and knew that awards would not be announced or given. That there my friends is a con job! He didn’t even try to save face, and had so many opportunities to do so. Not only did he try to pal around with Dean and keep him from the film makers, but he failed to communicate or approach and introduce himself. Communication is key, and there was none.

    This is the first year for this festival, therefore all the pictures representing this festival came from somewhere else. It even shows a picture of Dean presenting-as I said it didn't happen!

    I could go on and on…but it is just sad and agonizing :(

    I did find out eventually that my film was a winner…but no Dean Cain to present it…oh…and no actual certificate as promised…am I surprised? No!

    Whats more…he wants to have these festivals nation wide. I would highly suggest that he first have a successfully run festival and make it right with those he duped!

    September 2020
  • Josh Menning

    I'm usually not one to leave negative reviews but I feel like filmmakers who are interested in submitting to this festival should be aware of our experience at the events on Saturday. When arriving to the hotel there was a small sign that said "Film Festival" and when looking where to check in the people in the lobby didn't really know. We later found where the morning meeting was being held in a small conference room. As we walked into the room the walls were plastered with JC Films posters everywhere. Also, within the screening room there was a big white sheet that was duct taped to the wall with creases still in it. Basically it looks like the sheet was taken out of the package, not even ironed, taped to the wall, and the top of it began to hang off the wall. Although before the screenings took place they removed the sheet and projected the films onto the tan textured wall. When we checked in we didn't receive badges, a gift bag, or anything for attending the event. There was never anything saying "American Christian Film Festival" on any of the promotional posters or signs in either of the hotels. Even the red carpet backdrop just said JC Films. I understand they are the company putting on the festival and having their logo somewhere makes sense but we were under the impression that it was the American Christian Film Festival and not the JC Films event. Being that this was the first year I gave them the benefit of the doubt.
    Later Saturday morning the itinerary stated about an on-site visit to Dean Cain's film site. This was not a visit but the need for extras for a film scene. Of course given the opportunity 98% of the festival attendees left to be extras even though itinerary says all events are voluntary. Therefore, most of the screenings and seminars at that time were empty.
    Later on the day, before the dinner, when all the attendees were back from the film site the main movies that were shown were two of JC Films' movies to most of the attendees.
    Arriving to the VIP dinner I was served with a plate that had five penne noodles, a few pieces of lettuce, a breadstick, and a cookie. Again, being mindful that people paid $75 for Saturday's events, I thought we'd have a plate of food that would at least keep us full.
    Dean Cain popped in to take on a few questions and the brief Q&A time with him was definitely the highlight of the event. After he took the last question they escorted him out of the room.
    Now on to the Awards Ceremony hosted by Dean Cain. No, that wasn't the case. We were instructed to keep our plates as props. We were a bit confused as lighting was being setup and cameras were put into place. Okay, they'll be filming the film festival awards ceremony. Nope, we weren't there for an Awards Ceremony for the festival but JC Films was filming an Awards Ceremony scene for the movie they were filming. We decided to stick around because maybe afterwards would be the actual Awards Ceremony for the film festival. That wasn't the case as they set up a couple of different shots and as they finished AD said "that's a wrap." We looked for the festival coordinators but they were nowhere to be found. We talked to a couple of the other filmmakers and they were just as confused as we were. No Awards Ceremony hosted by Dean Cain even though it was stated on Film Freeway, the American Christian Film Festival website, and on the itinerary they presented.
    Needless to say, we got in our cars for the long journey home. It wasn't until that following week when they finally posted the results of the festival.
    I couldn't really find the words to say to describe the event as we were driving home. I felt like we were used as it seemed we were merely there and paid to be extras in a film production. Again, I rarely leave any reviews or negative reviews for that matter I just feel that future filmmakers and attendees should be aware of our experience.

    September 2020
  • Kathern Dahlstrom

    Excellent, professional and a cast festival! We cannot wait to next year!

    -Gabrielle Evans Fields
    Producer 'Magic Max'

    September 2020
  • Cortez Mack

    Thank you for allowing my short film, “Bobby” to be selected as an Official Selection of the American Christian Film Festival. This is a GREAT HONOR, and, I am HUMBLED!!! . . . #BobbyShortFilm

    September 2020