Älvsbyn Municipality is located in Norrbotten County of Sweden, and it is famous as The Pearl of Norrbotten. Älvsbyn international film festival is the only film festival that represents this beautiful municipality.

Our aim is to create an opportunity for the people of Älvsbyn to watch films made by independent filmmakers from all over the world, and as well as to create opportunities for indie filmmakers to show their work in this part of the world.


Best Feature Film

I Am
Best Short Film

Route 4
Best Documentary Feature

Best Documentary Short

Best Animated Film

Break of Day
Best Feature Film, Swedish

Best Short Film, Swedish

Honour -Metoometoo
Best LGBT Film

Short Films
Feature Films
Short Documentary
Feature Documentary

Short Films
Feature Films
Short Documentary
Feature Documentary

Best Animated Film
Best LGBT Film

1) All film submissions to the Alvsbyn International Film Festival will be reviewed by the members of our selection committee,

2) Films from other languages must contain English subtitles for consideration.

3) Swedish film does not need subtitles, but it's even better if it has English subtitling.

4) If selected, the Alvsbyn International Film Festival is not responsible for any damage to the print or media material en route or otherwise during the course of the festival's possession of the film.

5) If selected, the Alvsbyn International Film Festival has the authority to use stills, posters, titles, or any information from the submission materials for promotional purposes.

6) If selected, you will be guaranteed at least one screening of your film, however, the Alvsbyn International Film Festival has no obligation to provide a screening fee.

7) By submitting your film, you declare you have full authority to submit your film to the Alvsbyn Film Festival, and you have cleared all rights to use the music in the entered work.

8) Showtime and venue scheduling is at the discretion of the Alvsbyn International Film Festival and is subject to change without notice.

Overall Rating
  • Richard Oliver

    Deeply honored to be selected for my music video HERO, by the prestigious Alvsbyn Film Festival. Hopefully, if Covid19 allows I would like to fly down to experience your festival up close and personal. HERO - a tribute to all the frontline Healthcare Workers NYC neighboring states and across our entire globe who have made and who continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for US ❤ in the wake of the Covid-19 Variant. This essential worker (chef) proudly accepts this award on your behalf, know that i didn't forget you....
    On behalf of my myself and my entire cast and crew, thank you Alvsbyn Film Festival judges for seeing my vision of gratitude through my artistic eyes ... you are NY Tough! :-) look out for more of my best work to come... Best. Richard Oliver Jr. (ICP Entertainment)

    October 2021
  • annika Maria Udo

    thanks for the invitation for my animated film BomPaPa. This is extra fun. Sweden is the home of my childhood.

    September 2021

    We are honored for be part of this amazing Festival with our work Sabor a ti.
    Thank you!

    September 2021
  • Proud to have won, the Cast and Crew are thrilled with this award.

    September 2021
  • Mary Gentle

    Great Festival! Thank you! Hidden Star Films

    August 2021