Alterna Independent Film Festival is an event created to promote and exhibit audiovisual works of independent production and/or distribution with auteur, underground and experimental film narratives.


ALTERNA OFFICIAL: Competitive section for Spanish and International audiovisual works of fiction and non-fiction, with independent production and/or distribution and whose duration does not exceed 180 minutes. Short, medium and feature films will be accepted.

ALTERNA SHOWCASE: Non-competitive section with a selection of the most representative of contemporary auteur cinema.


Audiovisual works submitted to the competitive section may not have a date of production prior to June 1st, 2021, and may not have been previously screened in the city of Zaragoza. Furthermore, they may not have been premiered in Spanish territory on TV.

International works submitted to the competitive section must be subtitled in Spanish or English if Spanish is not their original language.

Spanish works submitted to the competitive sections must be subtitled in Spanish if this is not their original language.

Registration for ALTERNA is completely free of charge

Deadline for submission is February 3rd, 2023. After that date, no entries will be accepted under any circumstances.


If the work is selected, submitters will be notified and informed about the instructions and schedule for sending the screening copy and promotional materials.

By accepting to participate in ALTERNA, the organization assumes that the authors/producers have the corresponding exhibition rights and give their permission for the use of promotional images as well as for the public screening at the festival.


Alterna Jury Award
Alterna Audience Award

Participation in ALTERNA implies full acceptance of these rules. For any doubt or clarification, please contact the organization.