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The inaugural Allentown Film Festival will take place in person from April 14 - 16, 2023 at the Civic Theatre of Allentown's two historic cinemas: the 19th Street Theatre, a grand Art Deco masterpiece, and Theatre514, a boutique venue across the street. We strive to expand the enthusiastic audience of moviegoers in Pennsylvania’s third largest city and beyond – Allentown is only 60 miles from Philadelphia and 90 miles from New York City. In fact, many of North America's largest cities are less than a half-day’s drive away.

Founded by award-winning filmmakers and educators, the Allentown Film Festival is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that brings the Independent Film Festival experience to Eastern Pennsylvania. Screening blocks include a mix of short and feature films to enhance the audience experience. Screening blocks are followed by Q&A panel discussions during which audience members interact with filmmakers. It’s an unmatched opportunity for artists to receive feedback and encouragement.

About the Region
Set amid gentle hills and charming countryside, the Lehigh Valley is a diverse area, home to Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, as well as dozens of small towns and picturesque boroughs, all peppered with parks, trails, and waterways ready to explore.

Steeped in pre-Colonial, early American, and industrial history, the region’s storied past defines its dynamic present, offering visitors everything from craft beer and covered bridges to museums and amusement parks.

We look forward to seeing you and your films at the Allentown Film Festival.

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You also accept that Allentown Film Festival is not responsible for obtaining any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property clearances that may be required for screening of your film.

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Overall Rating
  • Rodrigo Antonio Villaronga

    Thank you Allentown Film Festival for showing our film! The staff and volunteers were all so friendly, the closing reception was very fun and a great opportunity to meet people and talk about film. Best of all, the film blocks were very thoughtfully curated.
    This was a wonderful experience and I hope to be back next year!

    April 2023
  • Pete Deshler

    Such a wonderful festival! The staff and other participants were very nice and extremely supportive. Overall, a great experience.

    April 2023
  • TL;DR: The festival directors cut out 6 minutes of my film, and I would not have known this if I hadn’t attended the screening.

    My short (17-minute) documentary was selected for the inaugural Allentown Film Festival. I was excited to attend, as my wife’s family lives near the area and we were in town visiting. I met the festival directors and they were both very nice. However, when the screening started and my film played, I was shocked to see that the entire middle section (approx. 6 minutes) of my film was removed. At first I wondered if there was an issue with the video file I gave them, and I felt embarrassed that this incomplete version of my film was shown to an audience. I spoke with the festival directors after the screening and they admitted to cutting out the middle section of the film to fit in the time slot. In all my years of screening at film festivals, I have never even considered that a festival would manipulate my film, let alone cut out a huge section of it. An artist should feel safe to submit their work to a festival and trust that they display it in its proper, complete state. It’s unacceptable that they butchered my film (and possibly others) in this way, and it’s especially upsetting that I would not have known this had I not attended the screening. As of now, I cannot in good faith recommend this film festival, and I hope they are able to earn back trust from the filmmakers they have wronged.

    Additionally: If the festival directors are worried about fitting the films into the time slot, they should consider either screening less films, or not screening their own short film at the beginning to leave time for the ones that were selected.

    May 2023
  • Harry Watermeier

    We had a terrific time at the Allentown Film Festival. The programming was beautifully curated, Alan was warm, elegant, and enthusiastic, and the facilities were stunning. It was such an honor to be a part of the festival.

    April 2023
  • It was an amazing experience not to mention I won 2 out of 3 submissions. Extremely grateful to be apart of this event.

    April 2023