Ruben Dante & Co. All Things Hollywood LLC ( & is unlike any other festival in the world. All Things Hollywood was established in late 2010 as a directory of businesses in Los Angeles to Avoid actors and filmmakers alike from getting taken advantage of by businesses that are not recognized by the mainstream entertainment industry and to make sure talent is acquiring services at fair market value. The demand for such directory grew dramatically and soon after every entertainment related business was listed including but not limited to, Photographers, production houses, printing shops, lighting companies, sound, freelance filmmakers, directors, producers etc. It was then by overwhelimng demand All Things Hollywood Film Festival was born to bring together the Actors, directors, talent, distributors, and everyone listed in the directory to a common ground at ATHFF and soon after 2011 our first screening location was at non other than the world renowned American Film Institute Bringing ATHFF to the media capital of the world and the most recognized film institute in the planet. Tickets sold out and submissions where overwhelming, leaning us to expand categories and making it Bi-annual. Now ATH for the most part a vertical structure corporation offering filmmakers, visibility in our directory of freelancers, presenting the festival, developing websites at half the price of fair market value, sponsoring and hosting monthly networking events, now developing a submission archive and director, writer crew biography and more services will be developed in the coming months to make ATH the obvious festival for your Prime consideration.


The All Things Hollywood Film Festival, is now truly unlike any other festival we know of. We are not just a festival; we are a network consisting of one of the largest directory databases of Hollywood Entertainment, We Produce, sponsor many industry events and mixers, and we keep all films submitted in mind for ALL project we work on, Including (other festivals, Themed events, Non-Profits Etc.) we remember and keep track of all films submitted and constantly pitch them. The festival Targets a Up and coming crowd and true future Hollywood moguls, as we work hard to make All things Hollywood not only the festival, but the company the next Hollywood sensation. All Things Hollywood puts all the talent, the filmmakers, Screen Writers, actors, directors and producers first; to us Its not about the money, It is About the brand. We will maintain All Things Hollywood Co with Dignity, Class, Style and Exposure that makes Hollywood a worldwide dream and helping Make film dreams become a Hollywood reality as we move Forward with The All Things Hollywood Movement. Our mission is to expose them to your target audience and Clients of your Genre in their hometown, Hollywood.

All Things Hollywood, The Only Official All Things Hollywood Company in The LA County and it expands far beyond our film festival. ATH was founded in December 2010, starting as a directory database listing industry reputable businesses to avoid new comers from becoming victims of scams Including but not limited to,
-Production Houses
And All Things You Might Be Looking For in Hollywood. As the directory became more and more popular and wildly used, and by demand we launched a Freelancers Area, for new comers and entertainment graduates that may not be able to get the exposure they desire/ Or professionals in their budget this area became a success. Moving forward with the Company, the founder became involved in the entrainment politics becoming a member of multiple SAG (Screen Actors Guild) committees and serving many festivals realized there was something missing and with no further adieu All Things Hollywood was ready to launch the Film Festival division, making our first screening on march 3, 2012 at American Film Institute a Huge success.


All Things Hollywood is Currently

-Directory Database Of Business and People
-Monthly Community Events
-IMDb Qualifying Film Festival 3rd Annual
-12,000+ Likes, Subscribers and Followers
-SAG Signatory Production Company
-Public Relations

Working Towards

-Launching Our Real Estate property division
-Political Action Committee
-Business Development
-Acting Classes
-Music Production

*Beyond the Festival, We sponsor some of the largest entertainment networking events

* New Media Vault, "Largest Technology and Entertainment Mixer

* We will Pitch your films to other events where your film might we relevant as our partners list keeps growing

* We will work with the winning filmmakers closely to help in anyway we can further their entertainment endeavors,

Much More!

not only new comers but everyone all over the world a place where they can find simple answers to their questions, a place where they can find reputable acting classes, and agents, avoid costly Scams with hard earned money. A Place Where they Talent can get great affordable Head shots, Networking events, without loosing the class, etiquette, essence and elegance of the dream Hollywood represents.


I. The festival is not responsible for materials lost or damaged in transit. II. Films may be screened more than once during the festival. III.The, All Things Hollywood Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize and excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the film festival for promotional purposes. IV. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. V. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless All Things Hollywood Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses including but not limited to, attorney's fees and costs of the court which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered. If Films hard copy upon official selection, or required by ATHFF operators not obtained by Official selection deadline (usually 2 weeks before event) Film May be pulled from Official selection screening. All Things Hollywood Film Festival's Official Selection May also stream on Roku, Apple TV, Chomecast, iPhone and other digital mediums by popular demand. We understand that many filmmakers would prefer to opt out of such mediums and we are more than happy to accommodate your request however we do ask Filmmakers to provide us written notice to ATHFF if you CHOOSE TO OPT OUT out of this feature, All Things Hollywood Film Fest Will by Default OPT IN filmmakers into the Streaming adaptation of our festival's online streaming feature as a part of your desire to submit to ATHFF and our continuing efforts remain a cutting edge festival in these times of fast growing technology. All Things Hollywood Official Film Festival will take place once of year however other small screenings may take place upon the filmmaker's consent. Smaller screening events may also be streamed upon the filmmakers consent thru the submission year, again only upon the filmmakers consent. Filmmaker would be contacted if selected to screen at a smaller event and only upon their written approval should such screening take place (This is not an opt-in defaulted feature)

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