Films are an expression of you, so be true to your films, you will be true to yourself.
Ahsan Minhas (28) is a Director/Writer, fell in love with the world of cinema since the age of 9 where he not only loved to experience films as a viewer but got intrigued by how they were created thus started the journey of curiosity since he watched his first film Jurassic Park.
He started to create films since the age of 12 and gradually indulged in more projects and learned the art of filmmaking through experience in London, UK with LSF Short-Film Group at the age of 19 for a year.
He has successfully achieved a qualification from New York Film Academy in Film Production and has worked in multiple Hollywood film projects, he has experience of international filmmaking while having made many short films of his own as a Director, Writer, Cinematographer & Post Production Specialist that went into multiple international film festivals.
His latest short film, My Dear Fiction, created in Saudi Arabia was accepted as one of the Top 15 Short Films for the Red Sea International Film Festival 2021. He is now ready to take flight towards larger more complex projects.
Ahsan's style of work was always inspired by observing the work of one of the great filmmakers of our times such as Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick & Francis Ford Coppola yet trying to create his own ways to reach out into the story through the visual art of filmmaking.
official selection
My Dear Fiction
Red Sea International Film Festival 2021
New York Film Academy
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December 4, 1993
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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein
Films are an expression of you, so be true to your films, you will be true to yourself.