Much has been discussed, especially in Florida about the nature of our BIPOC history, and its relevance to American and World History. And it must continue, and in doing so we want to discuss and project what our future can and will look like!

Afrofuturism is no "new" topic, in fact we have seen it even in large studio productions such as Marvel's "Black Panther" starring the late Chadwick Boseman and HBO Max's "The Watchmen" starring Regina King. Our festival is here to support and facilitate the genre while also supporting advancing technology such as artificial intelligence (A.I), digital currency, and non fungible tokens (NFTs) and how those advances affect the business of filmmaking as well as the art.

This festival will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, where the first bitcoin purchase was made at a local Papa Johns, the original Black Hollywood and home to Norman Studios which created the first black silent films such as The Flying Ace. History will tell us what caused that momentum to slow down here and pick up in Los Angeles and New York, yet as we have seen with Atlanta and North Carolina, the strength of the industry is evening out and Florida Filmmaking is making strides to regain that competitiveness it once had in film.

We want to see Afrofuturism across all of the "base" genres of film from music videos and visual albums to drama, comedy, documentary, and more. We also have a poster contest, through which the winners' projects can be minted on the blockchain as NFTs through our partner at AF3 World.

We welcome the use of resources like A.I. to complete projects and encourage contestants to highlight what areas it was most beneficial to utilize tech.