Afrodite Shorts is a short film festival with live screenings in Rome, organised by Donne nell’Audiovisivo-Women in Film Italy, the ITALIAN Chapter of WIF born in 1996, which aims to promote and celebrate women working in the audiovisual field. The festival’s objective is to foster and scout young women filmmakers in the context of short films where they can express their talent, dreams and reality as storytellers. Short and brave, new and original are the qualities the Association and the Jury are looking for in the international landscape of short films but especially in the Italian one.

There are currently from 8 to 10 prizes which comprise:
Best Short
Best Short on women’s issues
NuovoImaie Award to Best Actress in a Short film
Special Award of the Jury ( 1 or 2)
Best short from a Film School (only for Italy)
Audience Award-to the Best Short
Best International Short

The Short Films admitted to the competition must have the following requirements:
Produced in 2023
Max duration 20’
Directed by women directors or if not the theme must concern women’s issues
Live action or animated
Must not be part of a series but stand-alone works

Overall Rating
  • Bianca Sartirana

    Bellissimo festival e bellissima location romana, quella di Spazio Scena.
    Essere stati selezionati per “Nina, Lellè e u Mari” di Maria Giulia Mutolo è stata una sorpresa meravigliosa. Ancora di più aver ricevuto la menzione speciale.
    Siamo onorati e felici. Grazie a tutto il team di Afrodite Shorts, grazie alla pronta disponibilità e alla puntuale professionalità.

    December 2022
  • Gargantua Film Distribution

    Thanks for having our film "Guinea Pig" in 2020 and "Eva" in 2021 featured in your festival! Great event for female filmmakers!

    April 2021
  • Alessandra Salvoldi

    Great festival! So proud and happy to be part of it with my movie because the selection is very interesting and high quality. Really nice communication and networking!

    December 2019