The sixth edition of the African Diaspora Cinema Festival is coming up on the 22nd to 25th of June 2022 in the beautiful cultural city of florence at the prestigious Villa Romana.

ADCF’s vision is to raise awareness about Africa Cinema, its vast potentials and the socio-economic impact it has not only on african economies but gradually expanding to other parts of the world’s economy as well. Our aim is to use cinema to create a revolution that will change the social and economical horizon of Africa, by creating the way to the countless number of films produced in Africa and by the African diaspora filmmakers.

#African Cinema, is the theme of African Diaspora Cinema Festival, is a theme that draws on the principle that being African is a bond that goes beyond geography, birth or lineage; as people of African origin are spread across the globe and Africa is also proud home to many non-Africans. Africa has been able to capture the world’s attention through its ancient cultural heritage and beginnings of civilization. With films it will have the power to connect people from around the world.

Film is a powerful platform that is better able to attract and engage people in constructive activity and providing enjoyment, enlivening spaces and enriching lives. Film and art can lead to a better understanding and foster communication between peoples of diverse cultures, races, and lifestyles.

ADCF is rising from the ashes in a difficult moment in which cops of thousands of Africans flow like water in the mediterranean sea. In a moment of racial tolerance, in a moment people are not only rebelling about the lack of jobs, but equal opportunity and fairness before the law. Also in a moment our stories are not being heard nor told in public spaces.

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Feature Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Music Documentary
Best African Contemporary Dance
Best Cinematography
ADCF Jury Award
Villa Romana Award

Films must fit into one of the six categories: Feature Film, Short Film, Short Documentary, Feature Documentary, Music Documentary, Human Rights, Environmental and Student. All films must be submitted in English or subtitled in English, films with subtitles in italian are also accepted.

Selection for screening will be determined no later than one month prior to the festival. films selected must be submitted in MP4 downloadable files, must be available not later than 2nd of June 2022 for screening during the African Diaspora Cinema Festival. Films produced before 2019 will not be accepted to the festival.

Feature length Films must not be less than 70 minutes (recommended length 100 minutes).
Films must be short narratives of not less than 10 minutes (recommended length 40 minutes).
Films must be Short Documentary not less than 15minutes (recommended length 40 minutes).
Films must be Feature Documentary not less than 70 minutes (recommended length 100 minutes).
Films must be Music Documentary not less than 15 minutes (recommended length 90)
Please include a concise and complete press kit on submission.

Only films selected will be considered for competition. MP4 and press materials will not be returned under any circumstances. They will be destroyed after the final screenings at the film festival.

Overall Rating
  • Victor Claude

    Thank you for this selection at the festival! The atmosphere was very relaxed, with beautiful films and very interesting exchanges with the public. The screening location, the gardens of the Villa Romana in Firenze is magnificent.

    June 2022
  • My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our participation to this festival. We did not expect to receive so much love and support of this festival's community of fans and professionals. All the conversations inspired and motivated us to keep going and to one day come back with something even bigger and better!!

    June 2022