The 2024 Africa International Human Rights Film Festival (AIHRFF) will explore the theme of "Resilience." This theme acknowledges the immense challenges faced by African communities – from political conflict and social injustice to environmental degradation and economic hardship. However, it also celebrates the enduring spirit of Africans in overcoming these obstacles and building a brighter future.


The concept of resilience is particularly relevant in today's Africa. The continent is grappling with numerous issues that threaten human rights and development. Despite these challenges, Africans continue to demonstrate remarkable strength, resourcefulness, and a determination to thrive.


To showcase films that document the struggles and triumphs of African communities in the face of adversity.
To celebrate the power of human resilience and its role in promoting human rights and social justice.
To provide a platform for filmmakers, activists, and audiences to engage in dialogue about critical human rights issues in Africa.
To foster solidarity and collaboration among human rights defenders across the continent.

a. The film must address human rights issues and promote social justice.
b. Films of any genre, including documentaries, narratives, animations, and experimental films, are eligible.
c. The film must have been completed after 1, January 2022.
d. The filmmaker must hold the necessary rights to submit the film for consideration.

Submission Process:
a. Films should be submitted only through the FilmFreeway platform.
b. The filmmaker must provide all the required information, including the film's title, director's name, production year, running time, synopsis, and any additional materials requested by the festival.
c. Non-English films must have English subtitles.

Deadline and Selection:
a. The festival will announce the submission deadline, and all entries must be received by the specified date.
b. The festival's selection committee will review all submissions and make the final selection of films to be screened.
c. The festival's decision regarding film selection is final and cannot be contested.

Rights and Permissions:
a. By submitting a film, the filmmaker confirms that they hold all necessary rights and permissions for the film's screening at the festival.
b. The filmmaker grants the festival the right to use excerpts, images, and trailers from the submitted film for promotional purposes.
c. The filmmaker agrees to indemnify the festival against any claims, expenses, or losses arising from the screening of the film at the festival.

Screening and Presentation:
a. The festival will determine the date, time, and venue for the screening of selected films.
b. The festival reserves the right to make changes to the screening schedule or venue, if necessary.
c. The filmmaker will be notified in advance regarding the screening details of their film.

Travel and Accommodation:
a. The festival will not cover travel expenses or accommodation for filmmakers or their representatives.
b. If selected, filmmakers are responsible for their own travel arrangements and accommodations during the festival.

Promotion and Marketing:
a. The festival may use the film's title, director's name, and excerpts from the film for promotional purposes, including but not limited to the festival's website, social media channels, and press releases.

Awards and Prizes:
a. The festival may offer awards and prizes in various categories, which will be determined and announced by the festival organizers.
b. The decision of the jury or panel of judges, if applicable, will be final.

Withdrawal of Submission:
a. If the filmmaker wishes to withdraw their submission, they must notify the festival in writing before the official selection announcement.

Acceptance of Terms:
a. By submitting a film, the filmmaker agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.

Overall Rating
  • I am truly honored to have been selected for this festival. The communication with the directors was excellent, even through online channels, and they were incredibly respectful of deadlines.

    The networking opportunities provided were top-notch and continued even after the festival concluded.

    Looking ahead, I hope that the next edition will secure enough funding to invite directors to attend in person and experience the beauty of Nigeria.

    Best wishes for the success of future editions!

    March 2024
  • Nilesh Chandrakant Nevgi

    Thank you so much for selecting " THE SILENT SCREAM "🙏

    December 2023
  • It was a beautiful experience. We also won an award. Super grateful

    December 2023
  • Arshon Felix

    An eye openning experience in the fillmmaking world

    February 2023
  • charel fabry

    Nice, they selected my movie :-) But No feedback and no answers :-(

    February 2023