The goal of the festival is to show the best of international cinema, fiction, and documentaries on human rights and encourage public support of human rights. With more focus on Africa especially Nigeria, the location of the festival, each day of the festival, people are invited to talk about topics such as climate change, police brutality, Gender Rights, Digital Rights, corruption, and more.


1. To showcase and spotlight local and international cinema comprising films, fiction, and documentaries that address human rights issues on the continent and across the world.
2. To strengthen and build the knowledge of new and existing film producers on human rights film productions.
3. To award creative works (films, fiction, and documentaries) on human rights in order to encourage more productions around the subject area.
4. To maximise the power of film to increase awareness, promote advocacy and take action on human rights issues in Nigeria and Africa.
5. To educate young and established filmmakers on financing and distribution of human rights films

Submissions must be done by the original owner of the project or it will be disqualified from the festival.

Films produced recently produced will be given more priority in the festival but older films are also encouraged.

Films of any nationality and language can participate. Non-English must be subtitled.
Submissions will only be accepted through the Festival’s film freeway page.

There are no limits to the number of entries a filmmaker may enter, but these have to be submitted separately.

Overall Rating
  • Arshon Felix

    An eye openning experience in the fillmmaking world

    February 2023
  • charel fabry

    Nice, they selected my movie :-) But No feedback and no answers :-(

    February 2023
  • Hayat Aljowaily

    It was an honor being a part of the AIHRF festival this year with my short film Maybe Next Time. Hope to get to attend in person next time!

    January 2023
  • Thanks for accepting our project. It meant a lot to us as a team and company.

    December 2022
  • Jade Pictures

    Am not sure how communication is effective, my film was selected but i was never engaged.

    December 2022