Featured Cover Image: THE BETTER ANGELS, 2023 AIFF Best Australian (Animation) Short Film

The Adelaide Independent Film Festival (AIFF) is an annual celebration of short films proudly presented in a heritage-listed 1941 cinema in the festival state of South Australia.

Held in October, AIFF showcases a collection of diverse and complex stories from around the world, providing South Australian audiences with a window into the lives of people from both well-known and lesser-known countries.

Our official programme consists of national and international short films from independent filmmakers willing to test the boundaries of cinema and thrive in the realm of uncertainty.

The team at AIFF are building a reputation for melding an eclectic programme with a vibrant atmosphere in a space that craves quality cinema.

We encourage all national and international filmmakers to submit their short films for consideration.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are more than happy to assist.

We look forward to watching your work.

“Judging The Adelaide Independent Film Festival was an honour, and it was so wonderful to survey some of the works emerging from new and established creatives in this part of the world and elsewhere. Viewing the entire lineup as a whole is a reminder of the very eclectic and uniquely diverse voice of Australian cinema, while the international entries highlight the universal search for meaning, and the human instinct to define our surroundings in both artistic and spiritual ways." - Joseph Haxan, Visual Artist

"It has been an immense pleasure and honour to serve as a consultant and juror for the inaugural Adelaide Independent Film Festival. This festival, a vibrant new addition to the cultural landscape, showcases an impressive array of talent and creativity in the world of independent cinema. The dedication and passion evident in each film have been truly inspiring.
As the festival embarks on its journey, I am filled with great optimism about its future. The Adelaide Independent Film Festival has already established itself as a platform for innovative storytelling and a catalyst for artistic expression.” - Alida Pantone, Festival Director, London Rolling Film Festival

All officially selected short films will be in consideration to win the following awards (in their respective categories):

• Best Australian Short Film (Live Action)

• Best Australian Short Film (Animation)

• Best International Short Film (Live Action)

• Best International Short Film (Animation)

• Best Micro-Short Film

• Best Student Short Film

• Best Unley Short Film

• Audience Award

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your film to the Adelaide Independent Film Festival, you acknowledge and agree to the below terms and conditions.

• We accept short films completed in any year, from any genre, with or without dialogue and with a runtime up to a maximum of 30 minutes (including credits)
• All entries with dialogue must be in English or contain English subtitles
• No strict premiere requirements
• We accept fully completed student short films made from any global film academy/university (with film subjects)
• All short films officially selected are eligible for the ‘Audience Award’

• All short films are to be submitted by 2 February 2024 at 23:59 (ACDT) (Earlybird), 26 April 2024 at 23:59 (ACDT) (Regular), 28 June 2024 at 23:59 (ACDT) (Late) or by 19 July 2024 at 23:59 (ACDT) (Final)
• We accept work-in-progress (WIP) short films at the fine or rough cut stage (please refer to the WIP section below)
• Submissions through FilmFreeway
• Entry fee is non-refundable
• You will be emailed a receipt confirming we have received your short film
• We accept multiple short film entries per submitter as long as it meets all the submission requirements, includes a separate entry form and you have paid the entry fee per additional short film
• Any technical issues are the responsibility of the submitter (you) or the producer/director and if at the time of judging the short film does not work or is not viewable, we will send an email to the address on file to follow up. If a response with the correct information is not received within seven (7) days, the submission will be deemed ineligible

• Short film
• Synopsis (short)
• Director's statement (short)
• Trailer (if available)
• Screenplay (if available)

A discount code is available at www.auteursforum.com/aiff, on FilmFreeway under the 'Categories & Entry Fees' section or you are welcome to email us

On 17 August 2024, you (the submitter) will be notified of the outcome via email

• A QuickTime (QT) ProRes 4444 screening copy is required by 5 October 2024
• If you are unable to provide a QT ProRes 4444, please provide a QT ProRes 422 HQ version
• If you are unable to provide a QT ProRes of your short film, please contact us immediately
• The submitter of the selected short film will receive two (2) free tickets to the screening scheduled for 19 October 2024
• The creative team of the selected short film that will be attending the festival are responsible for travel, lodging, and all other expenses
• We do not pay screening fees or royalties

Please note: We DO NOT require a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). We will create a DCP from your QT ProRes 4444 screening copy. If you have a DCP available, please also send a QT ProRes 4444 (or 422 HQ) as your DCP may not read on the venue’s projector.

• QuickTime ProRes 4444
• QuickTime ProRes 422 HQ (backup)
• Aspect Ratio
• Poster (digital)
• Trailer (Less than 2 minutes)
• 2-3 Excerpts
• 3 x Production stills (digital)
• 3 x Behind-the-scenes stills (digital)

Please note: The PRESS KIT ASSETS are required by 14 September 2024 for promotional purposes.

• The Best International Short Film Awards (Live Action & Animation) will be posted via mail (free of charge) to the submitter’s address on FilmFreeway
• Awards won by an interstate filmmaker will be posted via mail (free of charge) to the submitter’s address on FilmFreeway
• All other awards, if won by a South Australian filmmaker and not collected at the awards night, are to be picked up (free of charge) in person from the Capri Theatre (141 Goodwood Road, Goodwood, SA 5034)
• We do not pay for postage within South Australia. Please contact us if you are unable to pick up your award

Please state your address in the following format (or in a similar format) on FilmFreeway to prevent your award from being undelivered due to a mailing address error.

• We do not accept WIP student short films
• When submitting, please state your short film is a WIP, at what stage (rough/fine) and what will change/is missing (temp sound/final colour grade)
• You may update the FilmFreeway secure online screener or Vimeo/Youtube secure link with newer cuts as they are available until 19 July 2024 at 23:59 (ACDT). In the unlikely event of a link change, you must email us immediately with that change so we may update your record. If we are not notified of the change and the link is found to be inactive, we will send an email to the address on file to follow up. If a response with the correct information is not received within seven (7) days, the submission will be deemed ineligible
• The final screening copy along with the submission material must be uploaded via FilmFreeway by 19 July 2024 at 23:59 (ACDT)

• By entering your film for consideration to the Adelaide Independent Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Festival), you grant the Festival permission to use film excerpts, film stills, press kits (including BTS stills and trailers) and other promotional materials from the selected short film for publicity and promotional purposes strictly in relation to the Festival, including on all of the Festival’s social media platforms, the Festival’s FilmFreeway profile and on the Festival’s website for two (2) years, unless stated otherwise in writing and agreed by both parties;
• You certify that you have all the relevant rights to submit your short film, including the use of any and all music, sound and performances and can provide written evidence if requested by the Festival;
• You certify that there are no current or imminent litigation with respect to the use, validity or ownership of the copyright;
• You certify that the use of the work in the short film won’t infringe any intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third person;
• You must indemnify the Festival from all claims made against the Festival arising from or in connection with the submission of the film, or any infringement of any intellectual property in connection with the screening of the film as part of the Festival;
• We reserve the right to determine the eligibility of any work submitted;
• We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions at any stage;
• You give the Festival permission to exhibit your short film at the Capri Theatre on 19 October 2024.

For any questions

Overall Rating
  • Rocco Fazzari

    It was a great honour to be in the lineup of the inaugural edition of the Adelaide Independent Film Festival. Thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of submitting in the next one.Dealing with Tom was a real pleasure who worked hard at keeping us updated on dates, events etc. Well done team AIFF 🎬🏆😊

    October 2023
  • Paul Burns

    Couldn't attend this year, but the festival's communication was excellent - the best I've ever received from a festival I've been selected for, and was very impressed! Venue looked beautiful from photos :)

    October 2023
  • András Attila Farkas

    It is a great pleasure that our film Café Marylin won an Award at this excellent film festival. The event was perfectly organised, the films were great - keep it up, AIFF!

    October 2023
  • ahLoong _

    Adelaide Independent Film Festival is a young film festival that worth to be focus, very well communication & orgainised. They will keep you posted for every details & progress of your submission. Thank you Tom for taking great care of my friend who attend the festival, too :-)
    It was my honor to be part of your festival.

    October 2023
  • Jodie Kirkbride

    Thanks so much for having Djaambi as part of the festival in your first year! Very honoured to be selected and to win Best Unley Short Film.

    October 2023