Adders Entertainment presents a LIVE SCREENING EVENT in London on Saturday 19th November 2022.

Giving local filmmakers and businesses a voice.

After our successful screening on the 28th September, we want to create another to remember...

To help young and upcoming filmmakers, all fees are refundable if your content is not selected. So why not give it a go and see your film on the big screen!

Come along and enjoy short films made from all over the world.
This is an 15+ event.

All of your films will be promoted on our website and YouTube channel, along with your own laurel to put on your posters. We are specifically looking for short films that people will not want to miss, from horrors and thrillers to comedies and action films.

There will also be an opportunity to meet the filmmakers behind the films and make new contacts to help you make your way through the industry. Screening your film at one of the largest cinema companies in the UK will help your film get attention.

We want TRAILERS! That's right, lots of trailers to showcase at the screening. Have you got a film that just isn't finished yet? Get your trailer screened to a live audience and promote your film. The trailer CAN be for a short film, feature film, TV Series, Documentary or any project you will be filming in the future.

Our MAIN attraction is the release of MOVIE DAY, which was inspired by true events and composed by award winning composer Tarek Amer.

Film to us is not just a hobby, but our passion and we feel it is very important to support filmmakers in making the best films possible. Join us!

More details can be found on our website:

All of the short films that are selected to be screened will have the opportunity to enter for Best Short Film 2022!

The winner of this award will receive the opportunity to pitch a film idea to the Director of Adders Entertainment and will receive free promotion on all social media platforms for you as a Filmmaker and the film you have made for 3 months.

The short film will be distributed through Adders Entertainment YouTube channel.

May the best short film win!

1. To submit your film, you must have the rights to the film and/or permission from the owner to submit the film.

2. All fees are refundable if your content is not selected for our screening. If your content has been selected for the screening, there is no eligibility for a refund after this decision.

3. Any foreign films must have English subtitles.

4. Maximum length of film must be no longer than 25 minutes.

5. When you submit your application, you must submit your project to us. This is so we can watch the film/video to make a decision for it's viewing at the screening. Please do so via FilmFreeway.

6. If your film is longer than 25 minutes, please email us at to discuss the feasibility of screening your film. There is no guarantee of your film at the screening if it is over 20 minutes in length. Price is subject to change.

7. The Best Short Film 2022 Award will be judged by Adders Entertainment. There is no selection guarantee.

8. By submitting your film, you give Adders Entertainment permission to share details given to us about your film. This includes: Poster, Synopsis, Cast & Crew, Trailer(s), short film and stills.

9. Your trailer must not exceed 4 minutes in length.

10. Your film and/or trailer must be sent in the highest resolution possible in either MP4 or MOV format.

11. You must accept the rules and regulations stated above for Adders Entertainment International Film Screening 2022.

Overall Rating
  • Russell Emanuel

    Great film festival that treated us well! Thank you so much!

    October 2022