El Acorazado Film Festival is an annual event that undertakes the search for the invisible within the world film field. The program opens and creates spaces to spread other artistic, community, experimental and aesthetic ways of making films.

El Acorazado Film Festival is a pioneer festival that in its curatorship collects cinemas that are not on the surface. The festival finds a north that ends up being centrifugal, which seeks to leave the centers to go to the margins, without differentiating between genres-documentaries, experimental fictions and non-fictions-. It is a platform that builds bridges with expressions coming from art such as video installation, expanded cinema, and expressions of popular origin. What gives the festival an independent identity that allows the radical, the unusual, which even has no place in other places.

The following awards are established within the Official Section:
First Prize Acorazado for Best Short Film: diploma and trophy.
Acorazado Award for Best Short Fiction: diploma and trophy.
Acorazado Award for Best Documentary Short Film: diploma and trophy.
Acorazado Award for Best Short Video Clip: diploma and trophy.
Acorazado Award for Best Experimental Short Film: diploma and trophy.
Acorazado Prize of the Public: diploma and trophy.

Festival Bases
1. Participation in the Official Section of Short Films Acorazado Film Festival is open to all filmmakers born after January 1, 2001.
2. The maximum duration of the short films will be 30 minutes.
3. Fiction, documentary and animation genres are accepted, specifically excluding video art works and those that have a strong institutional, tourist or advertising character. The subject will be free, although works whose content does not support racism, sexism, xenophobia, intolerance, religious fanaticism and any kind of violence against human beings and their environment will not be accepted.
4. The short films presented may have been made on any system, both video and film, including media derived from new technologies.
5. Authors can register all the works they want. These must have been completed after January 1, 2018. Works that have won in previous editions of the Battleship Film Festival will not be accepted.
6. The names indicated on the registration form must match those that appear on the credit titles. The organization assumes that who submits the work to contest holds the rights on it, so the contestants are solely responsible in case of breach of this requirement.
7. A selection committee will be in charge of choosing, among all the short films received, those that will take part in the contest. The jury will announce its decision in the closing ceremony. The decisions of the Selection Committee and the Jury are final.
8. In view of the viewing by the Selection Committee, the short films will be presented in original version. Works with a language other than Spanish or English must have subtitles in Spanish or English.

9. In order to participate in the selection process, applicants may formalize their registration through FilmFreeway.

10. In order for the registration to be considered valid, the contestants must include in their file the following information:
* Title of the work.
* Name of the director or directors.
* Genre of the short film: fiction, documentary or animation.
* Language of dialogues.
* Country of production.
* Production end date.
* Contact details of the distributor: name of the entity, contact person, telephone, web, e-mail.
* Place and date of birth of the author or authors.
11. The deadline for registration ends on Friday, November 13, 2020 at 24 hours and work will not be accepted after this date.

12. In the event that a contestant wishes to unsubscribe, they must communicate it by e-mail (Acorazadofilmfest@gmail.com) before the closing of the registration period. As of this date, the contestants will not be able to withdraw their works from the contest.

13. Participants who do not submit the requested documentation in the manner and timeframe described in these rules will be out of competition.

Selection of works

14. The Selection Committee will determine, among the works submitted, those short films that will go to the Official Section, which will be communicated to those interested before November 30.

15. The authors of the selected works must also send the projection copy to the festival within a period not exceeding one week from the date on which their selection is communicated. Those works that are not in Spanish or English must provide a clean copy (without subtitling) and a separate file with the subtitles (in SRT1 format or others), in Spanish or English. Works spoken in Spanish may not have subtitles embedded in any language.

16. The copies will be sent by means of some online file hosting system, providing your URL and, if necessary, the download password. Exceptionally we could accept the sending of the projection copy in a flash drive, without the right to return.

17. The Directorate of the Battleship Film Festival reserves the right to refuse, once submitted, those copies that, in its opinion, do not meet the appropriate technical conditions for public display.

18. By participating, the contestants give their consent for the dissemination of a fragment of their work (maximum two minutes) in order to publicize the event. This consent is understood for an indefinite duration, provided it is used for such purposes.

19. The jury will be formed by various personalities from the world of culture and cinema and its decision, which will be final, will be made public on the day of the awards ceremony.

20. The works selected for screening within the Official Short Film Section, once the festival is over, may be exhibited by the Battleship Film Festival in film samples from Venezuela or other countries with which it has open cultural exchange agreements, without this implying the right to compensation or payment of copyright.

21. El Acorazado Film Festival will publish a DVD in which any of the selected short films may be accommodated, to be given to sponsors and patrons of the Battleship Film Festival, and its sale, copying and public display are expressly prohibited. The contestants expressly authorize the use of their works for these purposes.


22. Participants know that they cannot collect the prizes personally or by delegating to any relevant member of the team, after consulting the Festival Organization they will bear the cost of sending it through a private parcel service.

23. The winning works must insert the laurel of the Battleship Film Festival at the beginning of all copies that will be distributed by any means. Failure to comply with this point would imply non-participation in future editions of the festival. Also, the selected works may insert the laurel that attests to their participation, and that will be provided by the festival organization at the end of it.

24 In case of winning any prize, the authors must include the Laurel of the Battleship Film Festival in the header of all distributed copies of their work.

25. The location of the screening as well as the awards will be announced through our website on the same day as the registration deadline.

26. The parallel projections of the Battleship Film Festival may extend beyond the days of the festival, by organizing thematic projections in schools, institutes, cultural centers, etc. with which the Battleship Film Festival aims to give the greatest possible visibility to its programming.

Final Provisions

27. These bases may be modified at some of their points if the Festival Directorate so deems appropriate, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the Contest, and in anticipation of imperatives that could escape our control. In any case, the bases with definitive validity will be the last ones that are edited and published on our website before the closing of the registration period.

28. The fact of participating in the festival implies full acceptance of these rules and the waiver of any legal claim. For any matter that does not appear in them or in case of typographical errors, the direction of the festival will be considered.

Overall Rating
  • Universe Beyond Time is so grateful for the opportunity to be included in the Acorazado Film Festival experience! Thank you for your kindness and energy! We hope to have another submission for you next year!

    May 2022
  • Thank you for selecting our film "The Disparity" for your film festival, we are so honored and humbled to have our documentary screened at your film festival.

    April 2022
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team  

    January 2021
  • Ken Sagoes

    We are deeply honored that our short film “The McHenry Trial - Don't Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie" was included in your festival. The event is well-organized with great communication. May the festival continue to provide filmmakers a platform that fosters creativity and self expression.

    January 2021
  • Odette Laramee

    Gracias! Such an honour to have the South American premiere for 'nameless' with the community in Caracas at the Acorazado Film Festival. It is an honour to share the work within the context of the vision you have for the festival. Sincerely, Odette Laramee

    January 2021