We're back with you in 2022! We'll be live and in person!



Seriously - we want to see your BEST and WORST films!
(We have awards for both!)

We are a festival focused on ONE thing - you, the Independent Filmmaker !

SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT: A FULL DAY of films made by women!

AUSTIN INDIE FEST fills a major gap, finding a place for new film makers who want to compete in a high quality Film Festival, but aren't quite ready for large festivals like: SUNDANCE, CANNES, AFI, SXSW or the Austin Film Festival!


The AUSTIN INDIE FEST will have a solid festival screening complete with:
All engineered to help you share your films with your audiences and become a better film maker!

We will have TONS of prizes for quality visual story telling!

TRADITIONAL AWARDS WILL BE GIVEN, as well as awards focusing on lesser recognized positions of a film team like:
Set Design/Art Dept
Make-up/Practical FX
Digital FX
Diversity in Casting
and MORE!

===== THE WORST FILMS: =====
Yes, we have a category for the WORST films you've ever made!
We ALLLLLLL have them in our film skeleton closet, so why not do something with it!!!
Just think- if you can win an award for your worst film, imagine what your best films can do!!!
What films do you have that are so bad that they could be considered the CULT CLASSIC - or - SO BAD IT'S GOOD?!?
***YOU MUST SUBMIT FOR THIS CATEGORY to be considered for this award!***

===== AWARDS SYSTEM: =====
Every film is entered into a SUBMISSION CATEGORY (ie- Feature, Short, Trailer, etc...) and competes only with films in that category.

ADD-ON's: Additional awards can be won with every "Add-on" category that you select, in effect doubling your chances at winning another quality award!

EXAMPLE: Jane, Mary and Jill all served in the military together and decided to make a superhero fan film as part of a web series. They submit their favorite episode to us [SUBMISSION: Fan Film, ADD-ON's: Super Hero, Webisode, Veterans and Women in Film] they could win an award in each category, making their chances at winning even greater!


1. ALL SUBMISSIONS should be submitted under SUBMISSION CATEGORY first, then ADD-ON's second. Each film needs to be under the required length for each category.

2. Submissions in other than English must be subtitled.

3. Multiple entries are allowed from a filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories. Your film does NOT need to be in a premier status, nor does it have to have been made recently.

4. Online screeners are mandatory. Make sure you upload your project to FilmFreeway’s site and be sure to include the password if there is one.

5. PROOF OF STATUS may be required for the following: STUDENTS, VETERANS, MADE IN TEXAS.

6. Have the rights to your film and the music used in it. Don't use other people's film or music as a part of your own. Using unlicensed music is cause for non-selection/removal.

7. We will only do electronic screeners. If you make the final cut as an OFFICIAL SELECTION to be screened, we will ask to download your film through this website, Vimeo or YouTube.


9. If you decide to withdraw your film(s) for any reason, please let us know ASAP. Chances are we've already spent our time watching your film and have begun scheduling where the Official Selections fit in and any last minute changes really screw up everyone's schedule.

10. Visit our webpage to see any festival updates, possible Screening times and Award Nominations.

11. DO NOT CONTACT US to tell us about how important your project is, any hardships you've encountered during filming or how your pet "Fluffy" gave it's last bowl of food to make sure you could afford this festival entry. We get it - film making can be a challenge, but we will only judge your work based on what you submit, not your life story.

11-A. DO NOT CONTACT US to get an exception to the time limit. If your film is longer than the time limits we have listed, it probably needs to go back to the editing bay to be streamlined a bit. Think like Dave Grohl: "Don't bore us, get to the chorus!"

12. DO CONTACT US IF you've received a distribution deal or have a conflicting Festival that requires a "World Premier" or something like that. Let us know and send us a trailer that we could screen instead!

13. If you want to advertise in the official program and fill an entire page with your film(s)/Production Company information and/or Personal & Team Bios, please do that through our webpage.

14. Submission to our festival is considered consent to screen your film if selected. Screening options may be live and/or online.

Overall Rating
  • Stefan Molina

    Excellent time! Very helpful and welcoming. All entries were great! For future at the Austin Indie Fest I am looking forward to more networking time to meet other filmmakers and talent. Thank you Austin Indie Fest!

    February 2023
  • Great festival! Very communicative and hospitable!

    January 2023
  • It’s great pleasure choosing my work!
    Awesome festival in beautiful Austin:)
    Many thanks

    January 2023
  • Jennifer Eliason

    Great location, super nice staff.

    January 2023
  • Brooklyn Rice

    This was such an enjoyable festival and I recommend it to any filmmaker. You feel like your movie and all the hard work put into it are appreciated.

    January 2023